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Thread: Winning Strategy (Secret of Success Through Money/Risk management)

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    Before thinking about winning, you must first think about protecting your investment in forex because this would give you the opportunity to make it in forex. A winning secret is ensuring that you have a better risk to reward pattern that can help you survive the hard times in forex. We must learn how to manage our investment and seek on the opportunities to build a strong winning system that would help us out.

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    Money and risk management is one of the main things in forex market. Trader has to minimise his risks as sometimes the market can move against him and he can have losses. If trader uses bad money and risk management so he can lose big money and it will be very difficult to recover from losses. It is better to trade slowly with less risk and less profits.

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    It is very good for trader to be used money and risk management in all of our trade because without better planing and learning about it we never gain success , so every trader must give time to learn about it practice on the demo account so it will be helpful for trader to chose the best strategy and work withit .

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    It is true with the help of good learning and management skill we are able to make our trade plan very well in which we have faced minimum risk , i always prefer to trade with the proper risk and money management because it is a one major reason which will give trader opportunity to work safely .

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    We can win maximum chances of winning success is we have the good skills to manage the money and the risks so we should to keep in the control the risks which is an important aspect to became the successful trader in this market so work with patience and good time to dedicate on the market for practices matters to wins success .

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    Consistent winning has to do about a lot of things, first we have to trade according to a strategy and not trade when we actually shouldn't. Some traders as I see try to open and close several trades everyday but that is not the right approach that we should take in this business. Risk has to be planned well and above that the plan has to be followed without getting greedy and emotional.

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    Money and risk management is key factor to traders success and all traders must repect the rules of money management. Exeprienced traders know the importance of money management but new traders think that they are better and more clever. They try to use big size lots and sometimes they win but in most cases they lose money.

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    Money and risk management are part of success this basics aspects make it possible for us to achieve success in this market very easily, if we have a strong strategy but lack a better understanding about risk and money management we still can't achieve success until we learn to implement risk and money management properly.

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    I see that money management become the foundation for traders to implement the trading strategies properly, this is really helpful and useful to control the risk and make realistic target. Good skill to analyze the market and get the right timing is not good enough before we sustain it with proper money managements and reasons here that many traders got losing because low managements at their trading forex and include my experiences when ignored the money managements then just loses at my hands.
    So good to use low risk per deal that give us better chances for trading and the important thing here that we are discipline and patient
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