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Thread: Regulation of cryptocurrencies in different countries.

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    because many countries still cannot believe in digital currencies, this is because digital currencies are still quite vulnerable to hecking and still cannot be socialized to all people. So they chose not to legalize this digital currency. So indeed this bit coin and other digital currencies are still quite heavy, I think to be legalized
    Well, they won't legalize them actually. Why? Each country start to make their own cryptos! Such as Singapore or even Swiss start making their own cryptos! Why they want to legalize the current cryptos? The current cryptos are not backed by their own government! Not binded to any asset. There is no way the government will take the speculative risk to make their citizens poorer in the end!

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    in Indonesia itself, as my home country, cryptocurrency has not been considered as the official currency of money that can be used for transactions. because crypto currency is a digital currency which of course must be considered the risk and continuity of the crypto currency itself.

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    Reading the above story , crypto currecy market must and should be regulated, have seen how if you want to send money securely and anonymously you only have to use cyrpto market and these is why even hidden transactions are being made every day, its important so we understand the other world that exist, to fight corruption and the world of crime, the crypto market has in some way must be regulated and thats how these things should be.

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