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    Although Litecoin has dropped five percent in the last week, feed a reprieve when it comes to investors and traders. From the table, it is evident that prices fell more than 80 percent with respect to 2017 earnings, but $50 is providing support.

    While we can interpret this resurgence as a new test because the beginning of August 2018 exceeds $70, the strength of $50 as reliable support could cancel this pattern of bear rupture. Also, keep in mind that Litecoin prices have been consolidating within a range of $20 with a resistance of $70 in the last two months.

    In addition, the long and low wicks indicate a possible change of impulse from the bears to the bulls. Therefore, by merging all this, we preserve a bullish outlook of Litecoin. This position will be null only if feed strong and fast losses that confirm the week ending the losses of August 12 that bring the LTC to less than $50. Bets of that, we remain optimistic expecting increases of more than $70 that trigger purchases which point to $90 and $110.

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    There are many advantages of technologies. A few years ago, it is quite impossible to think of digital currencies. But in the present time of digitization, we can easily trade and exchange various crypto currencies. Various brokers are offering chances to trade crypto currencies which are helping to make it much more popular in digital currency market. Again, it is also true that nothing is perfect, so crypto currency market has some errors.

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    if you want to make money from cryptocurrency, just forget the buy forever mindset that are being encourage by cryptocurrency insiders, the future of cryptocurrency is still not very clear though they will still be around for many years to come but there is concern if it can continue to go higher as many investors are expecting. the best way is to do short term trading of cryptocurrency, long if you think it is going up and short if you think it is going down and close after getting some reasonable profit
    Always have realistic DREAMS!

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