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Thread: History of cryptocurrencies origin: causes, dynamics, world forecasts

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    History of cryptocurrencies origin: causes, dynamics, world forecasts

    History of Cryptocurrencies Origin: Causes, Dynamics, World Forecasts


    What is Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency are coins like dollars or euros but not for them . The presence of a physicist (i.e. you can't hold it with hands) you can even trade them online like buying or selling them and can also purchase products from the Internet.like Bitcoin . Litecoin . Dogecoin . Darkcoin.

    Cryptocurrency are hypothetical currencies that are traded through the Internet, perhaps the most famous of which is the configuration. It took its fame because of several advantages such as speed of transfer, low cost of transfer and preservation of privacy and decentralized.

    Cryptocurrency have captured the thought of some, aroused fear and panic, and caused some concern, but the important thing is that everyone agrees that the Cryptocurrency revolution technology will change the shape of money in this world and will affect the largest and most important financial institutions in the world and the way they work.

    Cryptocurrency and default currencies :-

    Unlike paper coins and coins, Cryptocurrency are intangible currencies! .This means that any currency is intangible and the individual cannot feel it is an Cryptocurrency, which means that the money in the credit cards, the money that are sent and received via electronic banks is an electronic currency system, but if they are touched and felt, they become normal currencies as Recognized.

    Called cryptocurrency which is divided into two sections, the second section is Currency, while the first syllable is the word crypand is a shortcut to the word Cryptography any cryptography.

    A person can get a config, for example, in a process called the mining of the beformations.

    In another definition, Default Currencies are numeric assets designed to act as a medium for exchanging funds or anything of value in the so-called economic process (transaction), it relies on the science of cryptography to secure these processes, to control the addition and deletion of units, and finally to authenticate and validate these processes.

    Cryptocurrency are like paper and mineral coins in their ability to buy all the goods and material services.

    A lot of Cryptocurrency are now traded in the forex market, and the order is increasing, as a result of the law of supply and demand, as the price the Config for example in December 2017 exceeded the 17 thousand US dollars, and as originally the number of beformations that can be produced is only 21 million units, makes Compete for it as a currency or product that is commonly used by investors.


    How Cryptocurrency work?

    Cryptocurrency and specifically the Bitcoin are decentralized, i.e. no government or institution can control the production of more.

    But how are Cryptocurrency controlled?

    Cryptocurrency are controlled by a technology called cluster string (Blockchain).

    Blockchain was defined in a book (Blockchain Revolution) by a writer without Tabscott and his brother as an unachievable electronic ledger. To manipulate it for economic transactions that can be programmed, not only to record financial transactions, but to everything that has value.

    meaning that every economic or financial transaction that occurs on the system is recorded and encrypted in a block, and linked to other blocks to configure the cluster series, you got it?!

    Featuring a system of Cryptocurrency or a system that is decentralized to send and receive funds

    1-Super speed, where you are converting what you want from money in less than a second, unlike the traditional banking method that takes days.

    2. The very low cost, where the cost of money transfers is almost free or negligible.

    3. Protection and transparency, as every economic or financial process is stored in a mass and distributed to millions of computers around the world, which the process of penetrating it is practically impossible, and the financial process is taking place in front of the whole world, making attempts to manipulate it impossible.

    4. No decentralized central bank.

    The modus operandi of Cryptocurrency makes them very unique versus traditional systems in financial transactions whether online or in real reality.

    Months and best Cryptocurrency:-


    In 2009, we showed the first Cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto, and this coin is called "Bitcoin ".

    The coin is the most famous currency in the world of Cryptocurrency, which all investors are advised to trade in exchange for other currencies, as it is the highest in terms of market value.

    In 2011, Charlie Lee, the former architect of Google, invented his work, her name was for the formation of the "LTC", and she appeared as a substitute for the bitcoin. But she couldn't take it from his place and there was no other coin she could do this, even though she was very close to the Bitcoin.

    In 2013, we had a currency of the most famous Cryptocurrency, "The Ripple", which ranked third in the world of Cryptocurrency in terms of liquidity. The Ripple differs from the coin, since the second wants to replace the traditional banking system, but the first does not want to cancel it but wants to support it!

    In January 2014, Ivan Dufield produced the "Dash", a digital currency that is a more secret version of the composition, while in April 2014, the production of the Cryptocurrency Monro by its team, in the same year, the Chinese government launched the Neo Cryptocurrency in order to strengthen the Chinese economy.

    In 2015, the Russian programmer Vitelik Botero invented the second most famous and best Cryptocurrency ever, "Ethereum",Cryptocurrency and a decentralized platform at the same time! , Ethereum as a default currency is the concept of its status and what it is, while as a decentralized platform, it is extremely important and dangerous!

    This was a detailed list of the most famous Cryptocurrency around the world, to review them quickly:

    1. Bitcoin, the world's most famous currency, and the size of the Bitcoin market is approximately 233 billion US dollars.


    2. Ethereum, the second most famous Cryptocurrency in the world, with a market size of approximately US $46 billion.


    3-Ripple which is the third most important and most famous Cryptocurrency in the world, with a market size of approximately 11 billion US dollars.

    Then the rest of the digital coins come

    Selling, buying, trading, or investing in Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethurium...)
    There is no doubt that investing in Cryptocurrency, such as the Bitcoin, Ethorium, the Ripple and others, is an enormous investment opportunity.

    Here are 4 steps to begin selling and purchasing bigenesis and other digital coins:

    1. Select the Cryptocurrency in which you wish to invest or deliberate.

    2. Open a wallet or Cryptocurrency wallet by the default currency in which you want to invest.

    3-Get the Cryptocurrency by exchanging with a trading broker.


    Cryptocurrency Forecast:-

    2017 has been a very important year for Cryptocurrency so far, with the digitization of the Cryptocurrency to a wave of astounding upward trend, where it has reached heights never seen before. The Bitcoin has long been at the centre of this market. As a new industry, there are many things that are unknown about the future of the Cryptocurrency market. Nevertheless, it is quite certain that this innovative means of payment and investment has been born to live long.
    There are many different possibilities for the future of the currency market as a whole and how the Cryptocurrency will become part of it. It is highly unreasonable that the entire market is accounted for by the Cryptocurrency, so long as there are countries and central banks, they will maintain their own currencies. It is also highly unlikely to reach the other maximum degree of Cryptocurrency so that they are completely eliminated, for many of the major financial institutions have gradually begun to realize the benefits of the cluster technology underlying the digital currency technology.

    It is logical to assume that the final form of the forex market and the Cryptocurrency will be a hybrid of these scenarios. While not all of the more than 1,000 Cryptocurrency will be able to continue to exist in the long term, we can say that many of them will remain. For example, many of the major banks have absorbed the Ripple, in addition, they cannot be overlooked in these currencies, with huge cumulative market value. Therefore, it is likely to become a large and growing part of the global currency markets, with some Cryptocurrency remaining as today, others may be used by financial institutions, or even adopted as an official currency by certain governments.
    In both cases, the future of the Cryptocurrency seems interesting, and what we are witnessing is just the beginning of this global economic phenomenon that will change everything we know about the currency market.

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    These is quit an informative post and it can be well read, and I have learn a lot, and yes I agree with you FXmaster,these is a very fast way of doing transactions and its the easiest , they are untraceable and can be. but where I differ is the future, indeed so many people would love to understand these market in so many different ways but most of the time it requires you know how to work with it, these crypto market is very different from the traditional currency market, the traditional global currency market has a backing and you can understand where it starts from and where it ends and these s what so many people dont know it is a position that we must be careful when joining the crypto market, there is not basic back up other than simple transfer and demand for the given currency and what happens to the other so many hundreds of cryptocurrencies, absolutly need to be careful with it.

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