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Thread: 5 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfs2012 View Post

    I think the reason for this is the speculation that accompanies the currency that it may reach up to $ 100,000 in the future and this makes the idea of buying one and keep it very tempting on the other hand, this may not happen and end up causing heavy losses for many people
    that's why i don't want to purchase any bitcoin even now it has lower price below 10k usd. i'm bit scared when if i buy it at 4k usd and within next week and month the price is falling to 3k and i would be so frustrated to wait longer. even if the price is going up to 5k usd my profits are only 1k usd and market may move through speculations not in short term. it's always better thing to start with alternative coin.

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    Invest in crypto currency is awesome for now. Because crypto currency is not only used in the world but also not too difficult to have some coin of crypto currency. I suggest you all that have crypto currency is not always be higher the price than before. You must to understand too about all crypto currency. I suggest to trading or invest in major crypto currency like Bitcoin or Etc or RPL or litecoin or etc. Exactly , do invest in major crypto currency always. If not like that the risk investment will be higher in crypto currency this. I know that very so much crypto currency because this. I concern to invest in major crypto currency only. Maybe you have another opinion, it is your money, your money is your money, I suggest for last that don't invest in one bucket. Make it be separated for some investing. So that the risk will be low, but return profit still can to get.

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    A bitcoin fund (ETF) that is listed on the stock market as a major investment, while facilitating the participation of institutional and retail investors.
    Although it is much easier than in the past, buying, owning and investing with bitcoin is still confusing for many, even with the creation of more familiar user experiences through exchanges such as Coinbase, for example.

    A bitcoin ETF would allow investors to earn a share in bitcoin in a way that you feel familiar: through your brokerage firm. We will not have to open an account with an exchange of cryptocurrencies and learn how the exchange works and the dangerous ones of an exchange exchange that could leave them empty-handed. In addition, we will not have to learn how to use private keys and initial phrases or worry about losing or stealing them. We will not have to learn about the risks of hot wallets, and we will not have to buy and learn to use a cold wallet.

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    With the development of technologies, various crypto currencies are being exchanged and traded. As these crypto currencies, like Bit-coin, Lite-coin, Dash, Zcash, Etherum , Ripple, etc. are now earning good attention from the traders around the work many brokers are offering common trading platform to achieve the opportunities to trade with crypto currencies. Even many forex traders are now trying to continue their trading journey with both real and crypto currencies.

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    Cryptocurrencies are not having the best of times right now as there has been too many bearish movement in the past one year thereby discouraging investors, i believe the shake off will soon be over and those who are really interested will continue to make money.Another reason why investors are running away from Cryptos have to do with regulation,as at today there is no official regulation on Cryptocurrencies and until that is taken care we might not see much investment,but it has come to stay and anyone who want to be relevant in the future must not ignore it.

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    every trader choose their way to trade some of trader love to trade in crypt currency, your reason is well explained to invest in crypt market and trade its very reliable and easy to guess the movement in my point of view,some time the crypt market moment very fast and i love to take trade in crypt pairs $$$

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    Here are many internet users that don't know about crypto currencies. they are using internet for watching movies not for earning. It's our bad because here are also many students in them. If we want to increase trade in our local areas than we need to educate these people about crypto currencies. Because they are also a big gap in market and trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer_Queen View Post
    5 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency

    who does not know about cryptocurrency nowadays? it beats the stocks popularity and of course over forex market too. people get attracted more with cryptocurrency with its fast and high volatility that could change a person to be rich faster than when they trading with forex or stock market. such comparisons made most people inclusively beginners try to learn about trading in cryptocurrency.

    cryptocurrency now has become one most-interesting business to participate due to its huge popularity among people in the world starting from low type investors to big world bankers. it is not only attractive by the popularity, cryptocurrency market has also gave a lot of benefits to many smart investors in fast peak and simply raised small value of cryptocurrency to become higher. unfortunately this made most beginners lost their money due to the fluctuations of cryptocurrency.

    in this thread i want to share my own thoughts about cryptocurrency investment and why we should do that with 5 points. these points i hope they can clarify more knowledge about cryptocurrency and may help new people who have not invest any money with cryptocurrency and now become interested to try.

    reason 1 - safe place to keep the currency with public ledger

    mostly known as blockchain. one most favorite place for investor to make all transactions regarding to cryptocurrency. it is named with public ledger because blockchain is not owned by any goverment or not related to any bureaucracy in this world. which make it safe and trusted. investors identities of currency's owners are encrypted to cloud server to ensure the legitimacy of record keeping. what is better than this in this digital world of trading?

    we can keep our track record of transactions safely with ledger. unlike other companies or banks who keep our records but we can not access it, trusted ledger such as blockchain helps this out a lot and make us easily to monitor every activities with our account and everything is recorded, not a single thing is missing from it.

    reason 2 - it is a futuristic currency which all people would probably use in future

    some of us may think this cryptocurrency market now is less used within our country because most of payment and purchase still using physical money. less companies are using cryptocurrency out there to buy and sell something but recently i read that in somewhere in usa they allowed of using bitcoins to purchase a property. do not know if it is still allowed or not for now.

    a simple thought may arise from this statement. is it true that the digital era will come soon? well nobody knows for sure about it when, but i think it is going to happen someday in next decades. that is why most people believe that starting this crypto investment from now could give them a future ease to keep money digitally, not keeping the money inside our own wallet.

    reason 3 - everything's at hands

    we are responsible for everything we do with our coins. if we want to keep them longer without selling any then it is fine as well as when we want to buy more. it is all our choice to make and nobody can tell us what to do with our money and if we got our own investment planning with our coins then focus with it.

    this is different type investment compared with forex and stock. we may keep all the physical records between forex and stock market but with cryptocurrency we can not keep any because they are in digital form, unreal yet valuable. so all we can do is to keep them safe inside ledger and wait for the price is going higher if we want to sell it. otherwise if it is going down we can keep the coins until the price is going back again.

    reason 4 - faster process of becoming a successful investor

    many believe and mostly proved there are many millionaires around the world which succeed from cryptocurrency investment. it is why this create huge euphoria in the world and make cryptocurrency most talked and discussed all the time. it is so famous until the food vendor near my house also talked about it. crazy is not it?

    it was dated in 2015 and i can not explain how much money those people made now in 2018 from cryptocurrency investment and how much losses they suffered as well, too bad for those who were very late at buying bitcoins for example. the process is totally different compared to forex and stock trading and so the difficulties.

    reason 5 - no strict restrictions to start

    similar to forex trading, all of people with internet connection and appropriate device can start joining in this investment as long as we got the money to invest. not much, maybe about $1,000 as a startup for cryptocurrency. it is bigger than forex market's minimum deposit but then we must choose which kind of investment we want to do and which one is more interested than the other? choose wisely before we invest the money.

    even if you have not finished your school or have not graduate from your college but still got some money from your savings or gifts from parents or else you have the money from your hard work, then you can invest the money with this market. once you get in, you will be equally the same and worth the name as investors. this kind of investment does not give any attention to our social status, skills matters.

    my conclusions about cryptocurrency - 5 reasons why we should think about it again

    1. specifially for Muslim people. since it is non-physically currency and only contains number inside our blockchain or other public ledger, i am afraid for Muslim traders this is prohibited because a transaction must be made between physical items which make forex and stocks still considered and allowed to use.
    2. Muslims people should be thinking wise enough about this cryptocurrency investment. in the law we know that we can only get the profits in halal when the amounts are not really bigger than the money we risk before. if it is bigger then it can be called as interests, swaps, commissions or anything that related to those which are haram to receive.
    3. it creates fast pace of high and low. those who does not prepare for instant change from market could probably drive themselves crazy especially to those who spent all their savings to invest with cryptocurrency. many sad stories shared on internet about this and i feel so sorry for them.
    4. we need to pay attention to market big speculators because cryptocurrency market is not driven by most economic news and it is only affected usually with usd. if we can not play big money in the market then we should remain patience to keep our coins grows bigger. never sell any if the price still lower than we bought.
    5. there is no minimum requirement to start the investment but for higher earning mostly people are willingly to risk even their whole pensions or savings to invest with cryptocurrency. it may be sweet business in the beginning but if we do not learn and practice about it first, i am sure we can become an easy meat to other speculators in market, letting them to take our money easily without big efforts.
    A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a way of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, manage the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrency is a very big investment business for anyone that needs to create it big in this digital thread reason are it gives the investor the right to maintain his or investment, it appreciate on a daily interval, it allows the investor access to his or wallet any time as there is an internet facility, it a super currency that is taking over the business market very fast. If you want more knowledge about cryptocurrency then you must visit: https://cryptolinks.com/

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    Well if you can and had the right chance to really start trading crypto currencies then it would have been time when you had started the market with its boom, my brother invested in bitcoin when it was around 1000 an the amount he did invest wasn't much it was about 100 dollars but if you look at the sense of it, he sold his bitcoins when it was at 17,000$ and at these point he had 1,700$ for some reason these was good business and it made sense, how ever as a trader there is a chance to join in now to trade highs and lows in regards to investing indicators but the worst of it is that it wont work as it is required because swinging trades are really hard to predict, plus what drives the crypto market, if you understand it then it means thats it you have hit gold

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    I think we can treat the system as a general stock market. The more simply we can understand the risk involved with this, the more we can set our personal strategies to handle the situation. Almost same things are being applied with forex trading. The same strategy can make a trader successful and the other one looser. This is not the fault of the system. Its the method we applied the system. I hope I have made my opinion clear to all.

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