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Thread: What kinds of crypto currency are better for beginners?

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    Thanks to all

    Actually, I'm newbie in the world of crypto currency but now I'm confident this forum will help me. Thanks for all the information, will help me a lot in future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fraz View Post

    Crypto currencies online digital currencies and world famous and popular currencies and investors invest in these crypto currencies for earning profit in future.
    We can easily check online crypto currencies information on website coinmarketcap and we can see daily new crypto currencies added in market yet 1575 cryptocurrency added in 10451 markets.

    Profitable and suitable cryptocurrency for beginners:

    I also beginner and I have good interest in cryptocurrency and make research in crypto currencies and in my opinion these crytpcurrencies are good and suitable for begginer are given below:

    1.Biticoin :

    Bitcoin first cryptocurrency in digital market and everyone know about bitcoin and bitcoin famous and popular no.1 crypto currency I suggest for beginners investment in bitcoin and wait for some time period and bitcoin give good profit in future.

    2.Rippe :

    Ripple coin in end of Year 2017 and start of Year 2018 in No.2 crypto currency in world. Ripple coin safe and secure coin and banks make interest for use of Ripple coin I suggest to beginners make investment now in Ripple. Ripple coin connected with international banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates connected to RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. And ripple coin this time great investment opportunity for beginners investors and beginners investment in ripple and make huge profit in future.

    3.Litecoin :

    Litecoin hard and strong crypto currency and global decentralized currency in world and now time good opportunity for beginners to investment in litecoin because now litecoin price low and beginners invest and beginners make huge profit after few month.


    Stellar have good platform that connected with banks, payments systems, and people. Move of money across border and send remittance in globaly quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Stellar have mobile branches and micropayments system too. Setellar price $0.35 and good opportunity for beginners investors to investment in Settellar and wait for some timer period and earn good return in future.

    Other some good crypto currency listed below for good profit in future.

    Dogecoin old crypto currency and dogecoin yet not move up price and this time is good for beginners make investment in dogecoin and earn good return profit in future with their dogecoin investment.

    6. Litecoin Cash :

    Litecoin cash new profit coin of litecoin and I suggest for investment in litecoin cash and litecoin now price is very low and in future we see litecoin price above $10-$20. I suggest for buying the litecoin cash now and we gain good return from litecoin cash in futrue.

    7.Cindicator :
    Cinidicator coin specially for forex traders and crypto trades and Cindicator system works with predictive analytics, data, and market indicators to support traditional and crypto financial market analysis. Now cindicator rate is low and good time for investment.



    10. First Coin

    I try to add more information about these currencies. Beginners invest in top 10 rank cryptocurrency
    hello brother..
    i think bitcoin is number one to be invest next time , cause prized from bitcoin so fluk to active maybe 2020 bitcoin go to moon on 15.000usd .

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    I became interested in trading bitcoins

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