Double Confirmation trading strategy!
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Thread: Double Confirmation trading strategy!

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    Double Confirmation trading strategy!

    This is a strategy created by me. I have named this strategy DOUBLE CONFIRMATION , beacuse we will not just use one analysis, but we will use 2 or more analysis . Like if there is a candlestick pattern formation like doji or pin bar, and there is a near term support/resistance, then this trade would be called Double Confirmed trade!

    I will share charts here, old and new, so that you can get idea what i want to say about .

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    Thanks for the double confirmation trading strategy. A forex trader must be educated on Forex education and we need to do hard work to understand the trend of the market and if we can understand the trend then we can easily earn money.

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    I can understand this trading strategy, the pin bar and the doji that is used here is for example, or must it be that alone for this strategy to function? You can make trading based on on pivot point and see that the price is approaching the SMA trading system too at the same time, it is true that this is a double checking way to enter the market.

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    This was a very old chart of 27th August 2013
    In this you can see that in NZDJPY weekly chart, there was a head and shoulder pattern.
    But you can see that there was also a bearish engulfing candlestick chart pattern in this time frame as well , which made this trade, DOUBLE CONFIRMED !

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    Date when analysis was done , 29 - 08 - 2013

    The chart above is of EUR USD , time frame daily.
    There was a strong resistance which then become a strong support as well. And there was also a trendline touching the current price which is a strong support region . Support region and trendline , both now favoured buy making this analysis double confirmation !

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    This chart was of 13th November 2013. I included this chart here in this thread because first of all, there was a butterfly formation in the daily chart of USDJPY . ANd secondly there was a trendline meeting near the same region where the nice butterfly pattern formed. Making this trade double confirmed .

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    This chart was of EUR CAD pair . It was a double confirmation trade beacuse market touched the trendline forming a pin bar on the resistance and there was also 61.8% fibo near the support where the pin bar like candlestick chart pattern was formed.

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    The chart shared below had double confirmation. This chart was of USDCAD pair analyzed in the daily time frame. There was a good bearish formation ( candlestick pattern ) and secondly there was a good resistance near that area/region where market made the bearish rejection. So , we went for a sell and got good pips.

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    This chart was of EURCAD posted here in this forum at 15th Nov 2013. This chart had double confirmation. Firstly there was a pin bar . And secondly there was a good resistance region near where the pin bar was formed, making this double confirmed trade.

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    This chart above was of NZDUSD pair analyzed in the daily timeframe. This chart above is the best example of double confirmation trade. Still this trade is running on my side with +++ profits.
    This trade was called double confirmatio because first of all it had head and shoulders pattern and secondly it had double top on the right shoulder , making this double confirmed trade.

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