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Thread: Investment In Crypto-currencies.

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    Investment In Crypto-currencies.


    We have seen cryptocurrencies attracting lots of interest in this modern era.
    It’s been an electronic money which was created with technology that indeed helps in creating and processing transaction without reveling it’s users.
    A cryptography is a technology which secures, hides identities and do much more. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which is designed to help process transactions In a secured, cheaper and reliable means.
    In the cryptocurrency world a wallet is needed to store currencies too. We have wallets such as block-chain, mercury, coinbase and lots more.
    For miners, they are those who process, record and verify information on the digital record for a token.


    Cryptocurrencies have really come as a huge benefits to investors and personally for me, I really fancy this type of currency because the government have no control about how its currencies could be spent and so much more. Many people now prefer these type of currencies because to them they can process lots of transaction without been identified and it gives them a source of privacy and a secured currencies for them. It was because of this attributes that made lots of people attracted to these currencies and gave them huge confidence for security.

    Also, this causes rise in value for various cryptocurrencies as more people troop in to buy and store currencies which in no time grows in a profitable way. I learnt that this are secured currencies and I bought some bitcions too to see them rise in value which is interesting. I might not have made huge money, but it’s a clear fact that many were turned millionaires purchasing cryptocurrencies when they were at lesser value before it rose to it’s current state. There are such of this cryptocurrencies coming up at lesser value everyday which in turn can grow in no time if it’s been purchase. RIPPLES, ETHEREUM, BITCION, DASH were some of those cryptocurrencies that made it high in value.
    However, cryptocurrencies have shown in recent decline, but the goal should be to buy at lower price and be patient enough for it rise.


    The truth is that there are lots of winners in cryptocurrency, but you will make profits from cryptocurrencies when you understand why they have huge potentials which in turn makes you to store them in the longer term. But when you don’t understand a cryptocurrency, you could look to sell them faster in little profits which might cut down your profit had it been you were patient for the long term.

    Tip 1: There are lots of cryptocurrencies and upcoming ones, if you don’t understand why it will be valuable in the future, then don’t invest in it.

    Tip2: Few cryptocurrencies will be a great investment e.g BITCION, but majority of other coins could dash out.

    Tip3: No one will know which cryptocurrency will be high in value in the future, so its wise not to put all your eggs in one basket.

    Tip4: Ensure you research about the currency you are planning to invest in and see if it really has a good potential.

    Tip5: Go through their website check if they look professional, check if there are any potential security risk, check if their inventors are experienced and lots more.


    BITCION: No doubt bitcion remains the father of all Cryptocurrencies and we all have witness it’s rise, however we have seen some decline lately, but investors can buy bitcoin as it has potentials to rise further at the peak of the year.

    NAVCION: Navcion is a decentralized Cryptocurrencies based off bitcion. It’s faster, have a lower fee and fully anonymous transactions. Navcion have over 50,000 members and have rolled up some good projects like mobile wallet( NAVPAY) and increased security.


    Saicion is a decentralized cloud storage platform which was idle hard drive across the world to rent out spare hard drive space. Saicion is aiming to capture 10% of the $200 billion dollars cloud storage market and also working to dominate it. Its really competing with the likes of Amazon, Dropbox and Apple.


    This coin originated from DISNEY SEATTLE office in 2016, it was abandoned at some point but then picked up by non-profit dragon foundation and looking to integrate business application into block chain.

    Other coins to watch out for this 2018 are: NANO, KUCOIN SHARES, KOMODO, DEEP BRAIN CHAIN.


    I have made some tangible research about Cryptocurrencies and how likely it’s a nice investment opportunity. We must be careful too to avoid investing in wrong coins that will fade off in no time. As an investor in Cryptocurrencies you must learn to make good research and see you will find value in any coin you wish to invest into.
    I’m open to any question in this thread, and I hope you learnt something.

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    Investments in cryptocurrency could be quite complicated, especially for those traders who are not familiar with main principles of blockchain technology and the way distributed lendger works since these are key elements of any cryptocurrency.
    It is important to understand that each crytocurrency has certian features of both currency in commodity. In fact, some countries treat cryptocurrencies as commodities while other classify them as means of payment like other currencies. At the same time, due to the decentralized nature, it is also necessary to analyse information related to the company issuing that currency. In this aspect investing in crypto is very close to equity investments.
    Each crypto investor should also be aware of huge volatility that could lead to substantial losses in case of trading without proper risk management. Volatility could create interesting opportunities for short term traders, while mid-term or value investors would have to set stops wide enough to be able to hold positions long enough.

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