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Thread: The Fall Of The Crypto-currency. To Buy Or Escape From The Market?

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    As of today, bitcoin price is now surging higher that the recent low it has been. I think this is a recovery but I am not sure if it will break the all time high of around $20,000. But this clearly shows that bitcoin has gotten past the recent sell off. This may be a good opportunity to buy but don't hold for long because the future of cryptocurrencies is not very clear.

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    I want to share with you the good news:

    After a successful Freldo ICO and reached Hard Cap, the token FRECNX is traded on the BCEX exchange (TOP 15 on CoinMarketCap)

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    Crypto coins were suppose to fall, any bubble always bursts and these is how these market is, the market saw a rush that was to tough and hard and then the rush of everyone getting in to make some money , the market become a bubble and it just collapsed to the floor, its important to to know that these one of the mistakes the market went through and its one of the best ways that it was suppose to move .Over 80 percent of 1,586 digital coins decreased in price ,Trading volume dropped as well. but with the likes of face book getting their own,these is positive and we are likely to get new investments to the market.

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