Dear users!

The forum administration decided to announce a contest about cryptocurrency “The world of Crypto”.
Every registered user on the forum has the ability to participate in the contest

The terms of participation:
The contest is held from April 9 till April 25, 2018.
The results will be announced on the 27th of April.

In order to participate you should:

  • select a thread from the list and leave a request in this topic, after this the thread will be linked to you.
  • Create a topic in the same contest section and place it in accordance with the established requirements and rules of the competition. The thread title should be named exactly as the name of the selected topic.
  • The thread content should have copyright, any copy-paste is prohibited. The copy-paste will be deleted and can not take part in the contest.
  • Each participant has right to create few threads. However, the request for the next thread can be placed only after the completion of writing on the previous topic. Duplication of already existing topics or abandoned applications is prohibited.

The application is canceling from the contest if within 2 days the participant hasn't created the requested thread and hasn't begun to answer the question posed. In this case, the topic is considered free and can be selected by another user.

Criteria of topic disclosure:

  • The number of characters in post should not be less than 2,000 (without spaces).
  • the originality of the presentation of the material, informative;
  • completeness and disclosure of the topic of fasting;
  • own conclusions and achievements of the author;
  • the presence of screenshots explaining the author's idea (if necessary);
  • literacy.

The thread list

  1. History of cryptocurrencies origin: causes, dynamics, world forecasts.
  2. Historical and hysterical moments on cripto markets.
  3. Blockchain. All about this and miners.
  4. Bitcoin Cash. All about this.
  5. Litecoin (LTC). All about this.
  6. Ripple (XRP)- future bank currency?
  7. Cryptocurrency Zcash: The standard of anonymity and information protection.
  8. What kinds of crypto currency are better for beginners?
  9. What is the difference between crypto exchanges from stock and forex markets?
  10. Stablecoins. The next stage of the development of the crypto market?
  11. Popular and expensive: a guide to cryptocurrencies (TOP-10 from the author).
  12. Prospective Cryptocurrencies: what currencies it is favorable to buy now and sell more at the end of 2018? (TOP-5 from the author with reasoning and forecasts).
  13. Investment in crypto-currencies.
  14. Regulation of cryptocurrencies in different countries.
  15. Which account should I choose in RoboForex for trading with crypto currency?
  16. The fall of the Crypto-currency. To buy or escape from the market?
  17. 5 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency.
  18. You can offer your thread. First of all, please confirm your topic with moderator Gamer or Gulfstream.


Identification of winners:
Winners of the contest are chosen by Board of Moderators.

During the assessment of threads following criteria will be taken into account:

  1. conformity of the topic to the evaluation criteria;
  2. number of views of participant’s topic;
  3. user activity in the subject of the contest;
  4. the number of "Thumb up" left for the topic (in case of wrapping this parameter will not be taken into account).

1st place- 100 $
2nd place- 80 $
3rd place - 60 $
4th place- 40 $
5th place- 20 $

*Prizes are given in a form of forum promo funds.

Please ask your questions in this thread.