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Thread: Contest by moderators: “The world of Crypto”

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    Quote Originally Posted by shahzad View Post
    Topic request

    5 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency.
    Kindly choose else one this topic already booked.

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    The results of the contest
    "The World of Crypto"
    Contest winners*:
    1st place -
    Azis Muslim per thread - prize 100$;
    2nd place -
    tfs2012 per thread - prize 80$;
    3rd place
    - Senorita per thread - prize 50$.

    Our moderator team decided to allocate 4th and 5th place's prizes among all the participants.

    Sascha per thread - 20$;

    That means all of you get 10$ :

    *Prizes will be credited in the form of forum bonuses.

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in this contest!

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    thank you very much,it was a very informative contest and congratulations to all participants.

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    I can not believe I got the first prize. Thank you very much forum Administrations for the contest and congratulations for all participants. What a great contest we have here.

    One more thing to say as I edited my post, I wish to see all the threads made for this contest are available to show in regular thread sections or for specific section with cryptocurrency trading because all threads are awesome and valuable to provide great tips for traders who still new to that kind of business.
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    Thanks Admin and moderators for this beautiful contest and indeed everyone made a great impact here. Also for every members who made this contest possible. For all your supports I appreciate. We are all winners

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