Symmetrical Triangle trading strategy!
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Thread: Symmetrical Triangle trading strategy!

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    Symmetrical Triangle trading strategy!

    hello friends
    This is one of the good money makingstrategy . This strategy is by the name of symmetrical triangle(S) trading strategy. It is basically joining two trendlines (up and down) and then finding whether the momentum is being bullish or bearish and trade accordingly.

    I will share charts here so that you all can learn from this strategy. Please i want your charts as well.

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    Old chart: Dated: 14/11/2013

    This was an old chart of the crude oil . It formed a symmetrical triangle in which we trade the main trend. THe main trend of this pair was down and so we traded only the break of the symmetrical triangle only if it break the downwards. So we have to keep this mind. Its same as trendline strategy where we match the up trend line with down trendline or sometimes horizontal support/resistance works too.

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    EUR/TRY , CHART <DATE : 16/11/2013>

    This chart i posted some days ago and the resistance worked and the pair moved down as well. In this chart, I made a bullish penant/symmetrical triangle and the second one is the bearish pennant/sysmettrical triangle formation. Its very easy. Just make trendlines or horizontal lines which are actually acting as a support or either resistance. And the risk reward is minimum 1:1 ratio.

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    Old chart: Weekly (XAU USD) date: 17/11/13

    This was an old chrt of previous week in GOLD (XAU/USD) . It formed a symmetrical triangle also called a penant . There was a Bullish rejection long tail pin on the triangle which changed my mind into buying mode . Although it hitted stop loss but profited some pips too . Basically this was a bearish penant and now it has been broken from the downside and so thus, my view is changed in this pair into selling mode after hitting stop loss of 50 pips.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Identifying such chart pattern can be a bit confusing especially for newbies.I noticed that the price has to be in a range for you to identify an entry point,I also noticed how you placed future retracement levels please how did you do this? I have seen a lot of price patterns but I haven't come across this one.thanks for sharing.

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    EUR/USD MONTHLY CHART, Still running ! Date when taking picture of the chart: 18/11/2013

    You can see clearly than the eur usd, monthly time frame has made a symmetrical triangle . There is no breakout yet, but just because it is a monthly time frame , i am not trading because it will take lots of time. But any break from either downside or upside could give lots of pips . So all must keep an eye in this formation and look for breakouts and then trade on lower time frames.

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    27th August 2013

    This was a very old chart i found in my computer. I analyzed this chart at the date of 27th August 2013 . This is called a wedge style of trading or you can say symmetrical triangles trading style as well. We trade the breakouts on the either side. The best opportunity is when there is a candlestick pattern supporting our trade and near term resistance/support has been broken.

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    These are nice examples out there sir, it shows that you are a professional. In this way of trading, i believe that it is the pattern on the legs of the trading chart that traders will have to be looking on this. I also deduced that it will be a kind of complicated for traders that wants to trade it with short term, it is meant for intraday and long term.

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    Chart of 26th Nov 2013

    This chart is of GOLD (XAU/USD) which i had analzyed in the daily time frame. THis is a symmetrical triangle formation in this pair . Although this one is purely bearish symmetrical triangle so we will just take the sell signal if the market breaks this triangle. GOOD LUCK !

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    This triangle is a reversal trading ways that gives more to trade than the money used to try it. It is very quick in judging the direction of trading for the trader. It can be zoom in for better look about the pattern as it might not be got very well when the chart is not short enough to cover more angle of the pattern on the chart.

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