Trend-Line trading strategy!
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Thread: Trend-Line trading strategy!

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    Trend-Line trading strategy!

    Hello traders

    This is one of the simplest trading strategy out there. You just have to join 2-3 wicks either from low to another low (like lowerlow and then higher-low) which is also called up trend line
    either from high to high (like highhigh to lower high) which is also called down trend line

    I will share my charts here (new and old) both , so that you can learn this strategy as soon as possible.

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    This is one of the OLD CHART of GBP/USD in the weekly time frame. Its just simle and easy analysis . I joined the up trend line with two wicks from higher high to lower high. And then i also joined a lower trend line from a lower low to a lower high. This is a very easy strategy. Just join high with high and low with low.

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    This is one of the old chart of GBPUSD in the daily time frame. I just made the up down trend line with higher high then lower low , and then again lower low which turned to be a breakout afterwards. The stop loss is very low and you can set the take profit to at least 1:1 risk reward or greater too.

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    OLD CHART: dated 29/08/2013

    This was an old chart of EURJPY in h4 time frame . I made many trend lines but you can clearly see that i joined the high with low then low . And low with high and then high. I made both uptrendlines as well as down trendlines as well. This is a very good learning chart for newbies. Please learn from it.
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    Old chart dated 29/08/2013

    This is a simple and clear chart. THere is nothing but trendlines for you to watch and see how i joined them . I joined the higher high with lower high. And i also made a horizontal line which was a support and i also made a up trendline too joining the lower low with higher low and again higher low.

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    Old chart: 30/08/2013

    This chart was of daily EUR USD timeframe. You can see that i just made one horizontal line which acted as support and i also made a down trend line connecting higher high with lower high and then again lower high . Both support and and down trend line favoured for buy.

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    Old chart: 09-01-2013

    This chart was of USDJPY weekly time frame and you can see that there is just one up trend line. I have joined low with higher low . This is very simple and if newbies understands this then they can surely join other wicks of highs with highs and lows with lows too.

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    Old chart : 14/11/2013

    This is an old chart of EUR USD daily time frame . I just made an up trend line joining lower low with higher low and again higher low which broke the trendline and then it retested the trendline. It was a good setup and the chart was clear. This is called simple and clear naked trading.

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    Old chart: 14/11/2013

    This is an old chart of USDJPY in the daily time frame! I made two trendlines ; one was up trendline where i joined the lower low with higher low and then higher low. And i also made another down trendline where i joined higher high with lower high and then there you can see the trendline was broken because the candle was closed outside the trendline . So i traded the retest and made lots of pips with this .

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    Old chart: Dated 14/11/2013

    This was the chart of GBPAUD . It hitted take profit because i sold when the trendline broke and as soon it touched the daily resistance there was my pending sell order.. And experts says that real and good trendline mostly retests so this pair retested the trendline making this chart valid setup. I made both up trendline as well as down trend line and you can see clearly that market was in upwards direction.

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