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Thread: Contest by moderators: The best post of the month!

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    The forum administration decided to announce a contest for the best post of the month!

    The terms of participation:
    The contest is held from March 2nd till March 31st.
    The results will be announced on the 2nd of April.
    The prizes will be credited on the 4th of April.

    In order to participate you should to:
    1) leave an application in this thread: applications for participation are accepted until March 25th inclusive.
    2) provide 5 links to your best posts written during the competition. Links to the top 5 posts (in your opinion) are accepted until March 31 inclusive (up to 23.59, gmt + 2, server time).

    Message requirements:
    The time interval between posts is at least 24 hours.
    The number of characters in a post is not less than 1 000.
    List of sections, posts from which can participate:
    - Roboforex: Forex high-quality services;
    - FOREX forum: news, training, analytics;
    - Software for trading robotization.

    For example, you can tell about your best deal, about trade forecast, that worked as accurately as possible, or to discusse any news/event, that had an impact on the market, trading strategies, feedback on working with the company and other posts about the company or financial markets.

    Within a month, you communicate in the forum in the usual way, share with your thoughts and ideas about trading in financial markets. You must provide 5 links to your best (in your opinion) posts for the month. The time between writing these 5 posts should be at least 24 hours.

    Selection of winners:
    The winner of the contest will be the user who wrote the best quality post in the opinion of the moderators.
    During choosing the winner, we will pay attention to:
    - originality of material`s submission;
    - the post should be enriched with quality content;
    - the author's own conclusions and thoughts;
    - the presence of screenshots explaining the author's idea (if necessary);
    - literacy.

    1st place- 100 $
    2nd place- 80 $
    3rd place - 50 $
    4th place- 40 $
    5th place- 30 $

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

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    Thank you very much for the contest. This one was tough and good grace I still managed to get the 3rd position. And now I just received the bonus into my account though it should be sent on 4th April 2018 but I received it now on 3rd 2018. I really love this <3 Once again thank you very much Mr. Administrator and all respectful Moderators.

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    Congrats to everyone who participated and to all winners. It was an amazing contest for everyone.

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    congratulations to all winners and thank you for the prize it has been credited into my profile. wish to see another contest.

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