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    Price action is the only thing that makes some sense when analysing the market. Indicators are all same which give us the different speculations of market by gathering market old data and average of pips movement. Price action on the other hand is reliable and easy to understand. I am also a learner here but i would suggest new comers in this business to invest their time in learning the price action method.

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    Most investors operate with technical indicators but every day the number of traders that work without their use increases. These traders operate with the price action technique, based on the simple observation of the graphs. Price action is an effective technique but must be executed by experienced investors.

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    I really want to join a price action strategy webinars because I want to learn this strategy live from some experts. I use now these days this strategy but I cannot know well about this how to make the price action lines. I see many line videos but if I see live market analysis with it then its really good for me.

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    Excellent sir I think all webinars here is so useful for any beginner trader to have sufficient revel in so that you can exchange foreign exchange correctly a joint some webinar approximately fibonacci tool and that i think it turned into so beneficial webinar for me due to the fact I realise more matters that I do now not recognised approximately this tool. so thank you for teach us.

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    When we are working with the price action strategy then we are not need any indicator. Indicators are using to find the market trend but in price action we know that where this market is want to move in its next movement so we are not need to worry about that. We are wait to reach market to its resistance level then we need to wait for its support level in price action strategy.

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