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    Thank you roboforum to like my post card. Next time I must try to get first position in competition.

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    Congratulations to all winners and even those who participated but could not bag a prize. It would have been really tough for our mods and admin to chose the winners, since I see all the participants made good content for the contest. This was really amazing and happiness all around, on the special occasion of our Roboforex forum's birthday

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    Congratulations to winners. Actually I came in, just in the last hours of the last day of the happy birthday promo action of our forum. Though I made a video, I did it in 3 hrs and could not give it my best efforts as the last day was about to complete. I also missed the promo action "one two three". Anyways in future I will be more careful and lastly I am happy that I participated in the contest, though not had a winning place. Cheers to all.

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    Happy Birthday ROBOFORUM

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    Happy Birthday ROBOFOREXFORUM

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