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    Happy Birthday Roboforum


    Post Card

    Master of words

    Master of words

    Abirthday wish is sent your way,
    Hoping You all have a wonderful day,
    Sourrounded by people you hold most dear,
    gathered to celebrate one more year
    A happy day is wished for you
    I hope it lasts the whole year through,

    Roboforum Happy Birthday to you!! Thanks for having a vision and doing such hard work to make Roboforum possible. You have given all of us a family who is so special to our hearts. :) . Thanks again. Have a blast and lots of success and happiness to you.
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    Its time to celebrate for all the members of the Roboforex members its the first birthday of Roboforex. The day we have been eagerly waiting for has arrived. My beloved Roboforex forum, I am using this occasion when it’s your bortjday, just to share what I feel about your great work.

    You’ve always allowed us to trade with freedom and free consent,
    You’ve never been reluctant in giving us the favorable terms to succeed,
    You’ve let us make mistakes, even if they are costly,
    You gave us yet another chance to move further towards success.

    You have given us the authority to trade with any way we like.
    We have been in doubts, You have shown us the light
    We have been in errors, you have shown us the way to glory.

    You’ve shown the world
    What great Forex brokers are
    I take this occasion of your birthday
    To pay my hearty respect to your great work.

    A birthday card from one of your old member that really adore and respect you.

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    Happy Birthday................
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    my word is for you.

    When traders fall they are like the rain coming down from the sky
    When traders are desperate they are like in the middle of the forest with uncertainty and frustration.
    and there is only one place where they will rise again
    and there is only one place where they will find their way back to reach their destination
    and it is the roboforex forum.

    We are different but we are the same because we are traders
    We have the same goal but how to achieve it is different because we are traders
    Like a rainbow that is not beautiful if only one color and indeed we as traders are always different
    and there is only one place where we come together and share our knowledge and experience and be the one
    and there is only one place where we can convey for every our dreams and hopes
    and there is only one place
    and it is the roboforex forum.

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    Being with you is heaven on Earth. Happy birthday Roboforum, I love you!

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    RoboForex Forum - we are 5 years old!

    I do not forget to wish you happy birthday, wish all the best for you. This special video for you :

    debian CopyFX . Shows the rating :
    #3092418 Fix-Cent ratings || # 2704573 Pro-Standard ratings

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    Quote Originally Posted by debian View Post
    I do not forget to wish you happy birthday, wish all the best for you. This special video for you :

    very impressive good work..

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    First of all I want to express my happiness that I am just in time to participate in the ongoing celebrations for the 5th birthday of our highly valued and esteemed ROBOFOREX FORUM. I dont want to miss this opportunity to speak out what is there in my heart for my forum on the occasion of its birthday.


    In our tough journey as a Forex trader to reach our goals
    You are the sun lightening our path and showing us the way
    You are the sun of wisdom and ocean of knowledge
    I am really excited and proud to be a part of you.

    You give hopes to the losers and cheer the hard workers
    you are the guiding light that illumineth the part of all striving traders.
    This is a brilliant occasion of your birthday
    and eyes of millions across the globe are now open, you are the best in Forex industry.

    You are a platform where traders unite in brotherhood
    and come with a view to get rid of the darkness of ignorance
    So that the losing streak disappear and the light of success is visible
    Words just cannot express the invaluable benefits you are showering on us.

    Our relationship is intimate and our pride
    Every new member here is welcomed with open arms to be one in our family
    And the light of unity is shining brith
    As we all are now celebrating your 5th birthday now.
    - AmitChallenger
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    A poem and a video for Roboforex forum in celebration of its 5th birthday and to honor the excellent trading services its offering to its traders.

    3 years from now, when I look back and remember
    You where the one Roboforex broker and forum who changed by destiny
    Who brought smile into the face of a trader in tears.
    I am pleased with you, for you motivated me when I was discouraged
    and lifted my face again when it was hung down with depression.
    With all my respect to you I would celebrate your 5th birthday
    There is no time to be blue and its happiness raining all through
    Happy birthday Roboforex forum, I sincere pray for your long successful life.
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    The results of “Happy birthday, forum! 2018” contest

    The winners of the contest in the declared nominations by the decision of Moderator’s board are:
    "The best video" :
    1st place - 50$ - debian
    2nd place - 30$ - Sixteen
    3rd place - 20$ - Senorita

    "Master of the word" :
    1st place - 50$ - erox
    2nd place - 30$ - stable
    3rd place - 20$ - mao

    "Original postcard" :
    1st place - 50$ - Sasha
    2nd place - 30$ - Azis-Muslim
    3rd place - 20$ -

    We have no more nominations, but we would like to mention one more outstanding participant - Tonycee! According to decision of the moderators, you also receive $ 20.

    Thank you all for participation and for your warm wishes!

    * Prizes are credited in the form of forum Promo ¢.

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