Moderator's Award - 2018!
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Thread: Moderator's Award - 2018!

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    Moderator's Award - 2018!

    Dear forumers,
    the administration of the forum decided to designate individual participants of our project, engaged in the development of inportant sections and topics of the Forum,
    and express their gratitude to them in the form of cash prizes!


    each of you will be awarded for 30$

    20$ from our Moderators aboard will receive also:

    Thank you and thank all users of our Forum for the fact that you are with us!

    The prize funds will be transfered to your forum profile on 19, January, 2018.

    * Prizes are credited in the form of forum Promo ¢.

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    thanks alot to the roboforex forum adminstration you people are all doing a great job for the development of this beautiful forum and i am feeling very happy to be a part of this great place whare i have learnd alot. love you roboforex forum

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    thank you very much for awarding me with such prize. i do not expect anything about it because i am still relatively new to this forum but got this honor to receive the reward. once again thank you for this.

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    Expected to be one among the list, but may be I am somewhere short of the requirements, I need to give better efforts. Congratulations to those who made it in the list.

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    Good work Congratulations to you my friends Congratulations to you and thank you to everyone who contributed to this work the most wonderful

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    in a place i call home
    thank you very much i just received my prizes.

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    Thank you so much, you all are really amazing :)

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    I am very proud to get this, says thanks so much to forum administration, especially moderators and administrators

    and also I want to wish happy birthday for forum , hopefully this forum will grow better, and roboforex broker will be more successful
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    Dear users!

    The prizes were transferred to your profiles!

    Thank you for participation in our forum life!
    Do not forget to take part in other Birthday party contests!

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    thanks a lot for the prize roboforex forum. been a while not posting and surprised to get an inbox of prize $20.

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