My favorite bitcoin!
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Thread: My favorite bitcoin!

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    My favorite bitcoin!

    The administration of the forum invites you to take part in a contest dedicated to one of the most dynamically growing tools on the market - bitcoin.

    The time of the contest

    The competition is held from January 15 - February 1;
    Summing up the results of the competition - February 2;
    Enrollment of the prize - February 3.

    Terms of participation in the contest

    Verification of your Members Area.
    A nickname at the Company’s official Message Board, which is linked to your Members Area.
    In your Members Area you have to open only one demo account (ECN PRO), which will take part in this competition:
    - specify the account number and the investor's password from the account in this topic;
    - initial deposit on the demo account - $ 500 (you should choose it at the moment of account opening).

    Leverage — 1:10.
    Account type — MT4 ECN Pro.
    Trading platform — MetaTrader4. Contest ticker — only BTC/USD.

    The number and size of positions opened at the same time are not limited. At time of the 1st of February, 00.00 (GMT + 2) there should not be any open positions on the account and all pending orders should be deleted. Otherwise, the account will be disqualified. Expert Advisors (scripts) are prohibited. Close family members and affiliated persons are not allowed to register and participate in the same competition.
    The same IP-address (PC) can't be used by several participants.
    Participants, who break the contest rules, will be disqualified and will not have the right to claim any prize.

    Conditions to determine the contest winner

    The winner is the participant with the largest deposit on the contest account by the end of the competition. The remaining prizes are defined in the same way. For the total ranking calculation, we do not take into account those contest accounts with the final deposits less than the initial ones. In case the participant claiming for the prize is disqualified, the award goes to the participant next in the ranking.

    Prizes of the contest

    1st place — 100 USD
    2nd place — 70 USD
    3rd place — 30 USD

    * Prizes are credited in the form of forum Promo ¢.

    Additional terms

    The RoboForex Company reserves the right to:
    - use any information related to the prize accounts in advertising, publish it on the Company’s website and message board (in the media as well);
    - interview the winners of the competition;
    - check the adequacy of the participants’ registration information;
    - check the server logs and statements of contest accounts;
    - cancel the results (or recalculate the results of transactions) of the participant, who used non-market quotes in the competition (on the basis of technical statement issued by the Company’s Brokerage Department);
    - disqualify any participant with no advance notice or without giving any particular reason of disqualification, if the violation of the contest rules on the part of the participant is too obvious;
    - change the contest rules with an advance notice published on the Company’s website of message board;
    - to write off from the account the prize money given earlier and cancel all transactions made using these funds, without disclosing the reason.

    Please ask your questions in this thread.

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    Wow! Another nice contest here. Though I missed many contest I am not going to miss this one! I am glad to join in another contest of roboforex forum. It will be an interesting one. And wish to get big fight among contestants. Wish you all the best in the contest. Here are the particulars of my contest account.

    Account No.: 938617

    Investor Password: Roboforum

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    my account number for this contest is :(938673)
    my investor password for this contest is :(itsmee11)

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    is there any way whare we can chick the ranking ?

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    Hi, erox, we haven't ranking for this contast. You can connect all accoutns to MultiTerminal via investor passwords and to check the balance for each account by yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulfstream View Post
    Hi, erox, we haven't ranking for this contast. You can connect all accoutns to MultiTerminal via investor passwords and to check the balance for each account by yourself.
    ok thank you sir

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    Investor pass 123456

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    investor password is = democontest

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    Aug 2015
    Account Number: 938756
    Investor password: robo555

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    Nov 2017
    account number 938775
    investor password mao0888

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