how you make money in the forex?
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Thread: how you make money in the forex?

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    Talking how you make money in the forex?

    in the currency market you buy or sell currencies, Open an operation through the forex metatrader 4 platform is very easy. when you buy a currency and increases its value then its capital increases. but then decreases its capital value decreases. when the operation gives a positive balance you can close the transaction and that gain is added to your balance.

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    yes the explanation is easy but do not forget that when you do not make positive amount in your platform you are allowed to close the trade as well and the amount in the negative will be removed from your trading balance and that is when the trader will seem to be unhappy because no one wants his money to go down.

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    The easiest way to make money or improve your profit in any financial market is and has always been trading with the dominant trend. There are times when trading counter-trend is warranted, but until you’ve mastered trend-trading you should forget about counter-trend trading. Remember, don’t fight the dominant daily chart trend, instead, capitalize on it and ride the momentum until it ends.

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    yes trend is our friend and they help us for making profit from forex so we have to know about the market trend and for that have to learn more and have to practice more.many times market trend change it's direction suddenly so proper trading skills are necessary for knowing it.

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    there is no limit to the amount one can make in this business of trading but the most important thing is for the trader to have proper understanding on the business,to earn in forex trading takes time but if one can make time and learn how to trade the market profitable,there sis good money in this business,personally for me,i make over 50% on mine capital month when trading.

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    This is certainly true of the forex market, this is the way of the demand and supply that you finds in the business terms too. The accumulations makes the trading trend and the right side of trading makes profits to the trader. When a trader is holding a position too, until the the position is liquidated, their will not be a balance increase.

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    we need to start learning from the basic, learn how to trade, to operate mt5 or mt4 , read the chart or news and make decision, and also we understand for what methods or trading system is used for trading, this is very important, and at last support them with money management, discipline and patience

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    Not as easy as you think if you go to a crowded market where the market makes us astray if it buy or sell. Imagine if you were sure you lost dikeramaian but if you analyze the keramain where you will have a definite destination where you step

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    making of money requires good informations and enough practice and good system for trading and trading with low risk so with good informations the trader will understand how forex market work and will be ready for trading and practice will help the trader to learn how to analyze the market well before making any order and good system will help the trader to choose the proper points of entry and exit for any order

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    in forex business success or earning of profit is mainly based on trader's level of forex knowledge . due to its high importance , forex knowledge is considered as the pillar of the forex trader . so , in the very early stages , the traders need to strengthen their forex knowledge by consulting variety of sources . because, in the business a good learner will become the best earner.

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