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Thread: Forex Trading Bonus up to 25%

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    Forex Trading Bonus up to 25%

    FX bonus from RoboForex each time you deposit in to your trading account!

    The forex bonus program is intended to increase the trading volume of the Customers’ accounts. If all requirements for the forex trading bonus program are met, the sum put to your account as a bonus can be withdrawn without any limitations of restrictions.

    Please pay attention that RoboForex has started a special summer offer, as a part of “Deposit Bonus” program. Our offer will last from June 18th to September 1st, 2012 and has the following conditions.

    The conditions of the Forex Bonus are:

    1. Deposit bonuses are only available in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) accounts: Fix-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Cent and Pro-Standard (more about accounts types).

      Forex Bonus is up to 25% of the sum you deposit to your trading account.

      The total amount of Bonus on one account (depending on currency) can’t exceed $5000 / €3500 EUR.

      Maximum amount of bonuses on all of the client’s accounts can’t be more than $15000.

      Also you have the opportunity to choose the bonus level - 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% of deposit funds.
    2. To withdraw the Forex Bonus from your account you need to make a transaction (number of standart lots) in the amount of:

      For Fix-Cent and Fix-Standard accounts: <bonus sum> / 3 = <number of lots>
      For Pro-Cent and Pro-Standard accounts: <bonus sum> / 2 = <number of lots>
    3. All deposit bonuses can't support reserve and can’t be used for the maintenance of an opened orders i.e. your current bonus will be written off the account, if the equity (see figure below) on your account is less than the sum of active bonus.

      Example: You deposit $5,000 in to your trading account and receive a bonus of $1,250 (25%). According to the conditions of the offer, if the equity on your account is less than $1,250 the extra bonus will be written off your account.

      Information on minimum equity, after which the bonuses are written off your account, can be found in your Live Account “Deposit/Withdrawal / Your Bonuses” section.
    4. Until all requirements of the program aren’t met, you aren’t allowed to withdraw a sum which exceeds your Profit, which is calculated from the amount of free reserve (Free reserve - see figure below). The profit is calculated according to the following formula:

      <free reserve> - <sum of all active bonuses> - <sum of the deposits, to which bonuses are transferred> = <profit available for withdrawal>

      Please note, if you have open orders on your account, Free Reserve may be different from Equity.
    5. A client has a right to decline the bonus program of the RoboForex. In this case they can withdraw sums from their account without any limitations and restrictions, and the bonus is written off the account.
    6. The bonus program has no limitations on the number of bonus accounts or a number of bonus transactions.
    7. The bonus program has no limitations in Forex affiliate programs commission payments.
      (The exception is the «Welcome bonus 2.0» accounts until it is in the bonus group. Please see conditions for «Welcome Bonus 2.0»)
    8. Only closed deals on the following currency pairs are taken into account for the fulfillment of transaction requirements:

    9. Please note that RoboForex reserves the right to cancel the forex bonus without giving any reasons and/or advance notice.

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    nicely i believe this can be a great improvement with regard to investors as well as we now have the opportunity to help to make large revenue whenever buying and selling too, individually we discover motivating for you to maintain trading whenever buying and selling. 25 % is actually higher however i wish to understand what may happen in order to investor which maintain growing their own expense tend to be these people going to obtain any kind of kind of reward buying and selling this particular set

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