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Thread: Contest from moderators: Best Christmas three

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    Dec 2017
    First I thank to roboforum Moderators and Admins who gives us a great opportunity ion shape of this forum and nice contest like this contest and Also wish All forum members and Admins Happy New Year and Christmas.
    May this new Year bring happiness for us and we will be work together and get success in our life.

    My all well wishes are with all the members of this forum. This new year and Christmas bring many happiness for them and they can achieve what they are want and their all dreams come true.

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    As the first snowflake of this Christmas season falls, I hope you can see your life falling into place as
    well. May you be blessed with a great future ahead and an amazing present to celebrate today. Merry Christmas!

    (HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018)
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    Let us celebrate this exciting, colorful, grand, magical Christmas and New Year 2018 with a great big smile. Wishing you a year full of happiness and prosperity.

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    My wish for 2018
    1.I want to start my Agribusiness
    2 I want to marry my fiancee
    3 I want to improve my trading
    4 I want to finish building my house
    5 My mum retires next year,i want her to have a fufiled retirement from work.
    And lastly I wish ROBOFOREX A ROBUST 2018 IN THERE WORK,with fufilled Goals,merry christmas

    My favourite christmas tree is in ABU DHABI


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    Dear users,
    let congratulate our winners in the contest "Best Christmas three" :

    Azis Muslim

    We thank all of you for participation!
    The prize sum will be transferred to your profile (2 000 promo cents) today.

    Forum administration wish you nice holidays and we are going to make a preparation for RoboForex Forum Birth Day ,
    celebration starts from
    15th January, 2018! You are welcome to our BD party!

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    Thank you I am so glad to be one of winners. I will prepare things up for next 15th January 2018 then

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