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Thread: Some interesting advantage of WebTrader

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    Some interesting advantage of WebTrader

    My first time trying to login to the MT4 platform, I had issues and couldn't log my account.

    Then I learned ROBOFOREX has a Webtrader design, I gave it a try and this was my discovery, which has made me choose and stick to the webTrader over MT4.


    1. Easy LOGIN: you don't need to get confused by choosing the right server, because we have different servers and if you don't select the right correct one on MT4 login, you will have so much difficulties.

    All you need to gain access is your Roboforex Member area Details. Email and password.

    2. Easy Navigation: While you are logged in to your WebTrader, you can easily navigate to your Roboforex account, therefore making it fast and easier to withdraw or make quick deposit in case of Margin call.

    You can see the "Go To Live Account" and "Quick Deposit" at the right bottom side of your screen. Just a click and you are in your live account.

    3. Spread view: If you are about opening a new trade, you are given the opportunity to see the spread. This will be useful for the scalper traders who are more concerned about spreads.

    In conclusion, any computer can gain access to it as there is no special requirement.


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    im not close my computer always i work some times easly to, the market
    it has made my trades when i close it to leave it opened

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