Hello all.

This is my first thread in the lovely forum.

I want us to discuss and compare the trading with PURE price action known as naked trading with the use of indicator

What is price action trading method or strategy?

Price action trading strategy is known to be the trading method that has to do with just price action clean chart, that is candle stick, combined with support and resistance levels, drawn with horizontal line or trendlines when making analysis.

Pictures of pure price action strategy charts.

RANGING or SIDEWAYS moving market

Price A.jpg



What is Indicator application strategy?

From my best of knowledge, it is the use of indicator application to our price chart when trading. Using indicator is part of the technical trading method and as been said, they help to make analysis.

Here are some pictures or using some famous indicator, such as Moving average. MACD or RSI

Ranging market chart, with indicators such as, Moving average, RSI, MACD and Bolling band.


Trending market chart with indicators such as Moving average, RSI, MACD and Bolling band

Indicator trend.jpg

Hopefully, we have all seen the chart which has the same currency pair but different chart view.

Which of the strategies. Pure price action or Indicator application strategy do you think will give you a good edge over making close to accurate analysis?

My answer and choice will be the price action chart strategy, because-:

1. Pure price action makes it easier to see the price and determine on price movement.

2. You can easily make your decisions, without having contradicting analysis from different indicators.

3. Your analysis will be less time consuming.

WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE and state your reasons?