R Trader Constructor(robot creation): free and easy
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Thread: R Trader Constructor(robot creation): free and easy

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    R Trader Constructor(robot creation): free and easy

    Hi, everybody.

    Often you guys ask: why we are RoboForex but we don't provide robots for trading? We still don't offer robots, but you can automate you trading richt now in our R Trader platform!

    Little more about R Trader:

    • online (browser) platform;
    • access from anywhere;
    • over 8,700 Stocks, Indices, Forex and ETFs, Cryptocurrencies;
    • multichart mode & Watchlists;
    • trading from chart & One-click trading.

    R Trader allows:

    • to design your trading strategy (you can create it by yourself or to work from existing templates);
    • to backtest your strategy (build a stragegy, test and re-test it for a different market or timeframe);
    • going life!

    The days when algorithmic trading was implemented only by professionals is over. R Trader offers an intuitive and easy to use module which enables retail traders to design, backtest and deploy algorithmic trading strategies without any knowledge of programming languages.
    R Trader’s trading platform has a simpler way for you to quit traditional point-and-click trading. Designed for experienced traders as well as newcomers, our simple-to-use interface allows you to automate your trading strategies in minutes. No coding and no fuss – you’ll be up and running in no time.
    Strategy Builder constitutes a game changer for clients given the countless benefits associated with its usability and versatility. Using a widespread data stream Strategy builder provides a broad backtesting option that can be performed on a span of two decades of data. Users are able to customize their strategies with the backtesting option to fit their trading needs.

    Here you can open a demo account for R Trader

    Build your robot!

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    it is a good news to know that roboforex gives a tool that help the trader to build his strategy or robot and so he will not need to call a programmer that will take much money from him, also the traders that could not be able to buy a robot will have a good chance to build their robots an trade with it and start making of money.

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    I love this trading platform, but I am still confused about how to operate this browser trading platform, maybe because I am unfamiliar with this trading platform and also another trading platforms other than metatrader, especially trading platform with type of browser, I just curious how to making robots in this trading platform. It seems very interesting.

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    the offer is good and will let many traders to build their strategies or robots and so they can build a good strategies that let them to improve their trading and make better trading and makes more and more money, the trader needs to know how to make a good strategy to be able to find a good way for more effective trading and making of money.

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    roboforex gives an apparatus that assistance the dealer to fabricate his methodology or robot thus he won't have to call a software engineer that will take much cash from him, likewise the merchants that couldn't have the capacity to purchase a robot will have a decent opportunity to assemble their robots an exchange with it and begin profiting.

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    R trading platform is the most what I searching. Before this time, I am difficult to make robot or expert advisor. But now the broker what I love roboforex making this is easy to our works. I am not yet using this platform, soon I will be used this platform. I am surely that I have a good strategy trading. Hopefully it will to make more money for me.

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    Roboforex makes it easy to use robot for your trading, I believe Roboforex is the best broker to use robot with. Roboforex has strategy quant which helps you to build your own metatrader4 robots very fast, it can be as fast as 5 minutes. No need to have vast experience about the mql4 programming language.

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    we have to know that each tool has its advantages and disadvantages and furthermore the robot has advantages we aware of them and undoubtedly they save the time and effort and the most important advantage is that it breaks the barrier of fear of price reflection and emotional decisions so are excellent features for all

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    R trader? I heard about the C trader announced by the roboforex broker, and I think I dont get the C trader how to use it. But in other hand, the C trader has the benefit because the broker totally do not have any control on the application. I think all trader should migrate to C trader, but in the few time later the broker announce the newest trading application which I do not have any ideas how to use it. I think all trader can handle it

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    And the trader? I have heard about the businessman declared by Robberfax Broker, and I do not think how I will use it. But on the other hand, C traders have the advantage because the broker has no control over the application. I think all traders should migrate to the C-business, but within some time the broker's new trading app announcement which I have no idea how it is used. I think all businessmen can manage it

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