You do not need tons of pips to be a profitable trader
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Thread: You do not need tons of pips to be a profitable trader

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    You do not need tons of pips to be a profitable trader

    It is a fact that you do not need to have thousands of pips to be a profitable trader. This is what most traders got it wrong, If you can have a good winning strategy, good money and risk management , then combine that with vey reduced losses compared to consistent wins (no matter how many pips per win) , compound that over time, and you will be a profitable trader.

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    Rightfully said knowing the importance of managing your account with the lowest risk you can ever imagine,and compounding your profits over time,and believe you me ifv you have consistent profitable account over time then getting more funds wouldn't be an issue for you because there are lots of investors online looking for a qualified fund manager,so basically its alll about the long term benefits,which us the safest way to invest.

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    True, we do not have to force ourself to get huge profits from forex trading. If we have a short-term strategy, then we should adjust the profit we get to the strategy we used, as well as our long-term trading strategy. The most important that we should always pay attention to the strength of our margin when trading, so that we can avoid margin call or stop out.

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    As a matter of the points i have noticed about the forex trading market, it is better that you forget about the saying that tons of pips will not make you success. It is the traders that trades the long term that really have the market, these traders are the ones that love large number of pips for trading.

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    Do not trade like crazy, opening and closing orders with vulnerable short time and very often, in order to find points as much as possible. The fear is is not got thousands of points, but you could lose the money. Remember, we working is not to collect points as much as possible, but our duty is to maintain the point which we have to not get lost again.

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    Most inexperienced forex traders have the wrong thinking that they need to make plenty pips everyday to succeed, they then easily fall to the mistake of overtrading and greed. A trader who wants big pip will too many risk which will only lead to quick margin call.

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    the trader needs a ton of pips to be profitable when he trades with small lot size and when he has a small capital so he needs a lot of pips to be able to make good profits in each trade but if he trade with high lot size or volume he needs small number of pips to be able to make good profits,so the the trading method of the trader will determine the amount of pips he needs to be able to make good profits

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    Yes i need tons of pips to be a profitable trader because i have small amount of lot size and i needs a lot of pips for acheiving more and good profits, i want to earn money in short time so i need tons of pips to ba a profitable trader in robo forex trading business

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    In forex market if a trader needs lots of pips then he is trading in a smaller size or on small budget.He need more pips to achieve more and good profits.Most of the inexperienced trader think that they have to make plenty of pips everyday in order to make profit.But i think that a trader should forget that a ton of pips would make him a successful trader.

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    If a trader invest $ 1,000 USd as his initial investment and make a profit of daily 1% and compound his profit to the capital and reinvest then at the end of 24 month he would have made around 2,00,000 USD and after that he would be making daily $ 2,000 USD as profit. So think their is no need to over trade to make huge profit over night. Trade with proper planning and patience and enjoy the long run profit.

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