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    Yen pips

    Hi, I want to learn trade yen and have been looking around on the web and it says a pip is the second decimal for yen. I just want to check if this example is right with people who know more than i!

    if 84.980 goes up to 84.990 would this be 1 pip it has gone up?

    and for EUR/JPY 122.150 if this goes up to 122.160 has it gone up one pip?

    So can anyone advice me how to trade with yen crosses ?

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    Your illustration is very correct,in the yen crosse-eur-jpy 133.13- 133.12 equals to one pip while usdjpy 100.40-100.39 equals to one pip the same is applicable to other Japanese currency crosses.put into consideration of spread while trading.

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    i have knowledge about yen pips ... because i have not too much knowledge and experience about forex trading business , i want to learn more and more here and go forward, so what is yen pips and i am asking from you yen pips because i need to learn about them

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    Forex trading is like this, the last digits are called the pippet, but it is minimal that is why the four digits brokers will not give you that, and it is good for the mini trdaing. In the forex system, the decimals are many more at the back, but the significant ones that will affect trades is the one that it is given to the trader.

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