scalping can be your main strategy ?
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Thread: scalping can be your main strategy ?

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    scalping can be your main strategy ?

    Beginner may make some quick profit of about 7-8 pips.And may think it will be his strategy.They are not habituate with large may cause harm in the long run.What do you think/

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    It can indeed be harmful especially when such a trader doesn't apply stop loss in there entries,its very important that they try to expand there scope of the currency market to enable them build confedence to aim for higher targets and to apply stop loss even on short term entry.

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    Scalping is good strategy but i am not working on scalping because i don't have more free time i am a student. i am working on short term trading because short term trading is very good for me. and short term trading i can earn good pips..

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    There are some successful scalpers in the market, so far you can make your trdaing is a way of discipline, it will help you so well in the market. You need a good way to scalp, and there are traders that will only scalp for juts 3 to 5 ties only in a day, that will be the best way to trade for some to get success at the end.

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    For me the importance of SL is more valuable than TP. So any strategy that I use is always looking for the right count and discipline in putting the line SL. Scalping for the newbie's was nice, as long as you are disciplined with the strategies you are using. Do not forget to SL. If I may advice, newbie should not be trading with scalping techniques, because scalping requires a high speed and accuracy. When I was a newbie, I am more comfortable with using long term strategies.

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    i some times trade with scalping but i do not prefer to use it many time or make scalping the major method of trading because it risky type of trading and one mistake may lead a big loss so i trade with scalping when i find a strong signal for trading so i enter to make some pips and leave before the market goes against me,so scalping is profitable method but it has a high risk and dangerous

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    Yes scalping is the best strategy to earn more in short time from any trader but most of the business scalping is not allowed in their trader platform , i don't use scalping and i not want to trades scalping , because it is very risky and i don't want to attemp any risk on my earn money,

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    Scalping is good way to earn more money in short time but it is very riskey and scalping is not my main strategy because scalping strategy have use those who have large amount of money in their account and scalping needs very experience in business and i have not this quality yet

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    Scalping is also a important tool of Forex while trading.A trader should learn about scalping.But i do not use scalping method because this method is quite risky and time taking one.And one mistake can lead to losses in Forex market.Those traders who are experienced and seniors use scalping method to trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zak6163 View Post
    Beginner may make some quick profit of about 7-8 pips.And may think it will be his strategy.They are not habituate with large may cause harm in the long run.What do you think/
    That is not right my friend Scalping is a trading way to trade you can gain from it alot of pips but needs a good strategy to gain from it.Scalping is not strategy.But we should not trade in scalping way in the time of news because it can make us use all our account in short times.

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