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    "New Year" contest

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    The Denmark Trendline System

    In this system I use the trend line to enter in my trade. The green line is show the market resistance and red line is show us the market support. We use these levels to enter in trade. When its cross the green line and close above it then its good to enter in buy positions and our target is also shown with green line n chart. and when its cross the red line below then its good to enter in short position to our target which is show as red line. Its also show us our target and breakout on market chart left side.

    Two Horizontal lines are show us the breakout point of market and after that point break we can enter in our trading position.
    Its best to use H4 and D1 time frame for this strategy.

    Below the system images which are tell us how this strategy is simple and easy to use for earn good profit.

    This system is best for trade in Eur/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD

    Time frame is H4 and D1.

    Trend line indicators are use in this strategy which tell us the market trend, its resistance, breakout point and target points.

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