Can you Double ur money in every month?
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Thread: Can you Double ur money in every month?

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    Can you Double ur money in every month?

    can you double your money in every month by Forex trading.

    If your initial investment is $100 then what will happen after 2 years.

    Month Balance($)
    ------ ----------
    1 200
    2 400
    3 800
    4 1600
    5 3200
    6 6400
    7 12800
    8 25600
    9 51200
    10 102400
    11 204800
    12 409600
    13 819200
    14 1638400
    15 3276800
    16 6553600
    17 13107200
    18 26214400
    19 52428800
    20 104857600
    21 209715200
    22 419430400
    23 838860800
    24 1677721600

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Quit an outstanding figure,bit even off you could double you capital in a month wouldn't you withdraw.for me I would say Its. Possible to double your account in a month its achievable.

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    It is easy to say that traders will double the money they are using. There is no way that will effectively do this for you without risking the account you are trading too much, if you do this, it means that you can not be successful on this for more than 4 moths. It s not a nice way to think of the market success.

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    It is possible to have this by the trader. It is not easy, it is only possible to be got by the luck of the trading. The forex will work in different ways every months, it is not what you expected for the month that is coming, this is the reason why you can not know if you will lose or gain for the succeeding moth that is coming.

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    Forex is a place of earning money and we need to understand that this is a business of money and anyone can join here are can earn huge amount of money if he is educated on Forex trading. The more you learn the Forex trading and can develop a winning strategy then can earn huge amount of money.

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    I think a forex trader should not thin about that in first time, and trader need to hard work from first time and if a trader can do his best then trader can easily make progress in life and that can make successful forex life.

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    Your plan is very good and i think good traders can make double amount in one month. and if they will doing trade on plan then they will make millionaire in the small time. and no doubt forex can give you very good profit from all another businesses..

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    No i can not double my money in every month because i never want to double my money on greedness or take a risk on my money, i want to work purly and i get out all the money at the end of every month because i have financial problem in my home and i want to solve it quickely

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    Yes we can double your money in every month by this strategy that if you earn $100 in ist month then you will easily earn $200 in second month because spenting time in forex will give you knowledge and experience about business and you can earn easily double

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    i dont think that its easy and possible that we double our money every month...because sometimes we need to take more risk in order to make profit..which could also result in some there are many factors which can affect our trading..sometimes, even if we want to make more money, then we will get greedy and make more it is not possible that we can double our money everyday...

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