Trading's New Year Resolution for 2014?
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Thread: Trading's New Year Resolution for 2014?

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    Trading's New Year Resolution for 2014?

    Hello traders, especially newbies and learners out there

    Well my resolution is to keep control on all the emotions especially greed which makes me reduce much cash
    Secondly I will put low small lot, because market is very riskier now adays.
    Thirdly, now i wont compound profits. Instead i will take them out.

    What are your resolution(s) for 2014?

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Well if I may advice,must you wait for a new year to make a resolution at least you've taken the first step in identifying your mistakes so you can just decide to correct your mistakes this very moment.well too comment on your post ill say my new year resolution is not to find myself saying the same new year resolution the next year.

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    This is a very good thing is making the nice business success. You shoudl know your elements in this resolution. This will be what you will do in the next years and the things that you will forsake in the next years so that your trading will be better. I have a single trading strategy that i am basing my own over the years 2014.

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    Already 4 months have been passed of this year 2014.
    I do not have single penny to trade in Forex, now I am only concentrating to start Forex trading with $ 1000 USD, so my strategy and planning is to arrange $ 1000 before the end of June 2014 and will start trading with the profit of daily 1% so that at end of 2016 June I will have around 2,00,00 USD and Then I can have a better life for my future.

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    forex trading is the best suitable business for me for the past few years. but i did many mistakes in this years. for what i got many losses. but in this new year in 2014 i want to solve my mistakes and start my trade with full of confident that i can earn more then before.

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    I just want to do learn trading in 2014 year you are right brother market is very risky some time and if we will not do trading with an object and will not manage our capital properly then next year we will loose our money so I not want to do that mistake next year

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    trading during the new year is good and so the trader can start the new year with making of profits and so this will make him happy and will be able to buy a new things for the new yea, but the trader should be careful during the beginning of the year as the market is still not stable and the trader can ignore the first week of the year.

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