Stocks Group: Trade with Bollinger bands and Chaikin Volatility
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Thread: Stocks Group: Trade with Bollinger bands and Chaikin Volatility

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    Stocks Group: Trade with Bollinger bands and Chaikin Volatility

    Account Number: 9204353
    Trading Group: Stocks

    I am using Bollinger bands for buy trades whereas Chaikin Volatility for sell orders. Time Frame is M15.

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    I tried it first time, though i had seen its advertisement before on roboforex website and on our forum but never found enough time to test it. Thanks to our lovely forum, which brought us a great contest and means to test this platform. Overall this platform is really great as there are many new things which are not available in other platforms like mt4, mt5, ctrader etc. The best feature of this platform is that it has its own robot builder which does not require any prior knowledge of EAs. I tried it first time, it took me 2-3 days to get my first EA get to working but it did really well. Another great feature is charts layout, you can see from 1-6 charts at a time. You can also see today's top losers or gainers and get quick profits by either riding the trend or going against it. Overall i think this is far better than other platforms.

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    The robot builder feature is very new and unique, it is overall a very good addition but i want to highlight the fact that there was less information present in the forum and at umstel website about how to use this builder. I know that help guide and FAQ are there which are quite helpful but the basic concept of indicators, what is meant by shift, parameters etc should have been taught to members before the start of the contest. More information or a super thread from our tutor Value Trader will be very useful for us.

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