Trading the bolinger Band
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Thread: Trading the bolinger Band

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    Trading the bolinger Band

    Hello all
    this is my informations about the contest '' attack of roboforex robots ''
    i wish all the best o all participants
    i hope that i followed instructions in the main thread and please to moderators to confirm that all is OK , thanks

    Account number : 9204412

    Instrument Group used : Forex

    my strategie will be based on the bollinger bands

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    hello all

    this is really a nice contest because this is my first time i'm using a robot to trade since i joined the forex on behalf of trading manually and this is

    an awsome experience even there are some difficulities but this is just because I did not get used to it,

    those are some of my positions in the GBPUSD and i really hope to win in this contest

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    You earned almost 70% in one day. Keep it up mate, best of luck to you :)

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    my feedback

    i'm really happy that i particcipated in this contest even after i got a good results but unfortunatelly i lost at the end all the profit, about the umstel trading platform it is really a good platform i liked it and the opening and closing of the positions is very fast and i think that in the future i will open a real account to trade real, and also i liked the experience of trading with a robot in the umstel platform, i would like to thank the administration of the forum and all moderators and i congratulate the winners in the contest.

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