"How I'll spend my first million $ earned on Forex Market"
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Thread: "How I'll spend my first million $ earned on Forex Market"

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    "How I'll spend my first million $ earned on Forex Market"

    Dear Robo-Forum

    My name is Ramadan, I am. 26 years old, Serbian origin and straight from Austria to Switzerland.
    I am happily married for 2 years and have a wonderful 9 month old son.


    For five years I have been dealing with the trade. First with Stocks, later on CFD commodities and foreign exchange.
    My personal strength is clearly in the foreign exchange trading (Forex)
    For about 1.5 years I have been fully automated and have developed various fully automatic trading strategies thanks to
    www.HowWeDo.global, which are running successfully!
    Since about 2 months you can follow me via CopyFx, about investors through the affiliate program where I share between 40% and 70% of the 10% profit sharing.

    Visit my signal _http://www.howwedo.global/signale/

    Since my son came into the world, I have been looking for a way to spend as much time with him as I can.
    Fully automated Forex trading is a perfect means to make work, family and life more enjoyable and to spend time freely!
    Most of the providers I met, were very untrustworthy!

    But a now good friend showed me Robo and the Expert Advisor, which I brought together with #HowWeDo #HWD on a very successful niveu.

    Continuing to make sustainable profits without ever having to trade myself has enriched my life.
    100 € * 44months at a monthly 30% constant profit, is the way on which I would like together with HowWeDo make my first million.
    I am very happy to share this path with you!

    Why I am telling all this, I want to help people to make automated gains without ever having to sit on the PC.

    �What are the advantages of automated trading?
    1. You have a lot more time for the family and build up a side income, which is fast and constant to the main income.
    2. More life, as MAN MUST NOT always be at the PC since everything is fully automated.
    3. In my view trading is without emotions the biggest advantage since you do not make any greedy decisions!
    (a balanced balance between solder, lever and margin in a sustainable trade strategy, I think is the right way to be successful in the long term!)

    My first million in the Forex market I would like to create within the next 5 years !!
    (100 € * 44months at monthly 30% constant profit,)

    I will spend it for nice but also meaningful things.
    The first would be a single family house, for me and my family, which I would like to leave my son gladly later!


    My dream would be to build the house on Lake Zurich.
    The lake is fantastic and the view of the lake is unique !.
    A swimming pool in the large garden would be the icing on cake!
    I would like it from the whole heart for my parents and siblings also a house, gladly to build right next to my or also a semi-detached house.

    My parents work very hard and have given everything for us. You still have to work with almost 60 years, my wish would be that you can finally rest and enjoy the rest of your life and get the reward that your hard work is due !!!
    My mother has had to accept up to 4 different jobs so we had everything.


    When I crunch the million, you will get more of me together than just a relaxing holiday with my father, so I can give your a piece of what you gave me that would be very important to me.
    I will help my siblings to achieve their goals and dreams and no longer have to work for others and their goals.
    My son, with whom I can experience the most beautiful moments, is to have a wonderful childhood.
    I want to have a lot of time for Him. He is supposed to learn what hard work means but do not have to do without.
    My wife, I love you very much _
    I would also like to buy something expensive. Gerdae as young parents, who build everything themselves, must also often renounce! If I have the necessary small money, you should get everything you want and much more!
    No matter what was and came, she always stands behind me.
    And lastly, I'll meet a dream, a fast car.


    And where was the place and speed in a car?
    Of course in the new Porsche Panamera, my dream car!
    Space for the family, strength and speed combined with a grandiose design!

    I would be very happy if you would like to accompany me on my trip!
    Check it out _http://www.howwedo.global/signale/
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM:

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    So far one of the biggest ideal thread you just written exact part is your concentration on 5 year plan the constant flow of cash makes you good investor.
    Nice thread

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    [lang=de]Hello your thread have me motivated thank a lot. you are a good assemble.[/lang]

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    thx you a lot!

    if you like follow me on my journey to first million with my high quality signals as investor or via affiliate 40-70% join here !

    if any questions let me know

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gamer, if you like spend a little bit trust in me and my products and join me on my journey as investor or affiliate you would make me very very happy !


    if any questions or need help, let me know !

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