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    Panca Gold System

    Trading account id : Demo #9204158
    Instrument group : Stock/Apple

    The system to prepares as initiating use of entry signals with the occupation of several unit of option from the returns as the algos,
    and waits as the contrast reference on possessing the higher strength of the chance of entry as different point of strategics as submitting request with the market.

    To run as the distinct on spares as risks distribution with the running examination as moderating returns of market scratch of drawing in lively as interupting with the exit strategy to secure the running position to gains as best with positive numbers of point with the finale on request of order to close with the current position.

    The Trend strategy works with the occupation as referring chance of the early immaturity of trading as option with the running position might be closed as the returns of consequence as the appearance of signals with the running interruption.
    As the use with the trading helps with the decision as collecting returns as least on position to closed without the notice of negative balance of results with the trading.

    We will work with the moderation of the running of strategy with the trading and if preferred to resigns with the different use of customs of strategy as improving or displacing with the new ones to avoid the higher loss as not expectable.
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