Can i trade with borrowed money?
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Thread: Can i trade with borrowed money?

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    Can i trade with borrowed money?

    It is really possible to trade with borrowed money without being emotional in trading.I have collected money from people and promised that i will be giving them 5% per month but fear would not allow me to trade like a pro.please advise me....

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    You may choose to borrow money to trade, but it is not a good idea, you may borrow money and still lose all the money to the market because of the emotion that you have about this money, this is not a good idea for any forex traders to do at any time if such trader want success in the financial market.

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    trading with borrowed money is not preferred because you may loose this money easily in forex and so this may make a problem for you and you may not be able to pay this money to their people so you should trade with money that you afford to loose because if you lost you will not be affected in your life and will live without any problem

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    this is absolutely not so good because if you are a trader that trades with borrowed money you have put yourself under pressure from the beginning because if you are not making money you will not be happy and when you loose a little you will be panicking because you know that the money you are using is a borrowed money so you are not trading without emotions.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Well if you choose to trade with investor money thats okey,but this level of trading requires great expertise,you have to ensure that you can be able to maintain a positive blanace sheet monthly to pay investors there interest so that you and everyone would be happy.Don't collect money that you know you can't manage especially in a legal matter such as youve stated.

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    Yes of course you can trade with borrowed money.But it is quite risky for a new trader in forex trading market.It is not a good idea for any forex traders at any time they want to be a successful in financial market.Trading with burrowed money forces you to trade in pressure which can be responsible for huge losses and quitting forex.

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    We were advised not to trade with the loan, because this business is risky and can make us lose all the capital. If we are indeed a professional forex trader then we can trade with small capital, and that capital can develop into a large capital to get greater profits.

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    We can trade with borrowed amount but it is not a good option for us because if we lose the money of borrowed amount then we must have to repay the borrowed amount from our pocket so it is better for us to do trading with our own investment if we dont have our own investment than bonus money is the best solution for us.

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    A trader can trade with the borrowed money but trading with the borrowed money is not a good option for us because if we loose money from the borrowed amount then we ourself has to pay back from us.So it is always beneficial to trade with the money of our own investment and incase if we dont have our own investment then bonus trading is the best solution to it.

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    it is possible to borrow some money for trading, but we need to think twice before do it, can we make it grow or just make loss all of them like the past ? we need to make sure that we are not under the emotion, because if we fail to make it grow, then we just increase the problem in life, and also there are some ways out for us to get some capital without the risk, we can use bonus for trading and get unlimited income, low capital or bonus is not the obstacle for us to be a good trader and make it grow, because at this business, we only depend to knowledge and ability and not at the capital. so please think twice about it

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