How I can become a most disciplined and self controlled trader in Forex market?
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Thread: How I can become a most disciplined and self controlled trader in Forex market?

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    How I can become a most disciplined and self controlled trader in Forex market?

    To become one of the most disciplined and self controlled and self restricted trader is not an easy task at all because men can fight all out world enemies easily as they are just in front of them but to fight with own emotions and natural instincts it is so hard that for most of the traders these uncontrollable passions causes a great destructive situations in most of the time to make up some past losses.

    So, traders must be very careful about these personal instincts and emotions while they are going to trades.

    What are you thinking about this? Please be descriptive to discuss this here.

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    We know that self-control is a difficult phase in learning forex, many theories that help you to be able to control ourselves well, but it's not a guarantee, because self-control is a thing that can not be learned only by theory, the problem is in our mindset , if you have a good mindset then you will have a good psychological condition as well. This is just my opinion according to personal experience, I think everyone has different experiences in this regard.

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    To be self-disciplined trading we have a lot of experience in forex trading, because trading experience will definitely give us a lot of lessons and we already know about the importance of discipline and self-reliance trading in forex trading.

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    Discipline and self-control can not be learned in school, or taught in the book. All it only learned from inside yourself. I know many traders who complain about their losses due to lack of discipline. I return it back to them, what it was like when we work with are not disciplined and can not control themselves. Obviously the answer is of course we know, but my observation is that they intentionally forget the wall of existing rules. The result would be felt by oneself, not felt by me. Please you choose yourself, which option would do?

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    we need to keep tight the commitment that we came to forex trading with good intention, we need to get success and we knew the steps for it, discipline and patience in everything is a must, this is the foundation and will maximize us to get more understanding for how to trade and do properly, and so, it is good to keep learning and practicing and make a good habit with discipline and patience in there

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    I can say that this is absolutely depending to you s the trader of the market, this is very important if you know how to control your ind internally, this is the main thing that any trader want to get in the market for good,but little of all the trades that are trading forex are able to make the absolute control of themselves.

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    to become discipline you need to train on your strategy how to enter to trade when you find a strong positions and where to put stop loss and take profits in the proper positions and so you will trade will when you trade in real account if you follow these steps you will trade safely and with high percentage of success and will make good profits

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    This issue will take time with all forex learners. There are time that you will here about the market, there are times that you will be getting sued to the market, this time is the time that any trader will conquer all the self difficulties that the forex can bring to him or her. You should have money that you can afford to lose too.

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    to be a trader that you want then you are doing is training your mind that the goal is not to get huge profits but think how to read the direction of the movement and the traders should be aware that failure and loss is not a dead end but as an experience to be more successful and know the science of trade therefore do not give up keep the spirit

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    try and learn from those that you know are very discipline because this will give you a sense of how they have been doing it because you also need to know how to do it if you want to be part of them and when you are learning to be discipline you have to know that there will be trying times and you have to endure it all through.

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