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Thread: Contest by moderators "How I'll spend my first million $ earned on Forex Market"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulfstream View Post
    Dear users!
    Thank you for your participation in this contest and for your attention.
    Whereas the fact of cheating with Thumb Up option, we will check the results one more time.
    New results will be published today. The Thumb Up wouldn't be taken to consideration in calculations.

    thanks for the contest, it was fun for me to write my thread and read other threads
    i won 5 th place in the contest and i was so happy yesterday , i hope i do not lose that because of the new results , i got 5 thumps two of them by moderators and i hope i do not lose my chances
    thanks again

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    Just a simple solution to all this could be to, not to include the thumbs up for determination of winners. The board of moderators can take the decision at their sole discretion, since I think all the members here have trust on their moderators, who are also like our friends.

    I am actually not with the reviewing of the results again because once the results are declared it should be official and acceptable to all. This is the first time the results are made void and being reexamined, so now one will have doubt that same things can happen in future too.

    I have read the above comments and I think both side have some viable points and the moderators need to give their time so as to take unbiased decisions, as they always do.

    Regarding thumbs up, bonus hunting, multiple accounts and inviting of friends, these things have to be monitored seriously not for the sake of this contest alone, but to maintain the integrity and efficacy of this forum overall.
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    Dear users,
    please be informed about our winners in the contest "How I'll spend my first $1 Million earned on Forex Market"

    Contest winners*:
    1st place - 100$ - Azis Muslim per thread
    2nd place - 80$
    Killer_Queen per thread
    3rd place - 60$
    Sixteen per thread
    4th place - 40$
    Yayami per thread
    5th place - 20$ -
    erox per thread

    During the determination of the winners the board of moderators take into consideration such factors as:

    1. Originality and creativity of the thread.
    2. Completeness of the description.
    3. User's activity in your thread.

    Considering numbers of participants and your interesting threads, the board of moderators decided to add Moderator's Choice Awards:

    10$ - Doge per thread
    10$ -
    AmrHesham per thread
    10$ -
    medoram per thread

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in this contest!
    Prizes will be transferred - October 2, 2017.

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    Congratulations to all the winners, the contest was really a nice one with such a amiable topic "How I'll spend my first $1 Million earned on Forex Market". Unfortunately I missed the contest, since I was away from the forum for quite a few months. Looking forward for such contests on good topics from our moderators soon. Thanks everyone.

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    The results now has been declared, Congratulations to all winners.

    The nice work you did medoram in last moment you still got prize , you did great job.
    Azis as usual write the amazingly,it's nice to see killer_queen a active forum member booked the second position. Sixteen been time to time won you're good as always you're.

    Amitchallenger Yeah! make sure next time you won't miss the opportunity, but we did mailed digest you should checked email. checking digest it's always informative part.

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