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    Forex trading needs high level of knowledge to know the exact entry and exit level, and always remember market trend is your friend, if their is break out does not mean it has reached its top and you should start selling, may be it see more high. SO always stay with market trend or else for new traders it is advised to follow an experts recommendation after checking his accuracy level.

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    According to me experience is very important in this business you are saying right that forex is not a easy business from where we can earn money just selling on top and buying on bottom we need much practice and knowledge in this business otherwise market will kick out always us and we will loose our money in forex.

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    Sir I am agree with your statement without any experience its very hard to make consistent profit in forex that's why every successful trader suggest good hard working and practice in this business specially for new traders its very necessary to focus well on their hard work and practice within demo account learning.

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    That's a very good topic by the way because if there is no experience then how we will make money in forex but without any losses how we will get experience in forex? I think we have to learn from our losses in starting so if we have to not loose more in starting then the best thing will be to start with cent account and with less deposit

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    Experience come from our knowledge sir first of all we have to spend a lot of time in our demo trading account for that and only demo trading learning is not important we need a very good real trading experience also we have to just focus on our regular practice for better result

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    While we have no trading experience, we certainly would often get in trouble in forex trading that causes us to get big losses. So even though we do not have the experience, we can increase our experience with live trading, but we could use a micro account or accounts cents, because micro account and cent account is perfect for beginners who are learning live trading.

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    I think you are saying right gamer sir if there will be no experience then there will be no learning too but most of new trader's not try to understand that they want to make money very quickly from this business but that's not possible at all we need a very good hard work to get experience first here

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    actually without the experience the trading is risky. but if you think closely then you will find that all the traders were once unexpectedness and now they are making improvement in their own accord. so you better try to make some experience and that will be with the patience and learning and more practice because that will make you perfect. thank you.

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    [lang=ar]in case on no experience we may find our selves work Forex like very random traders . foe the experience is the most important element in that hard trading . but Forex needs of us to be very aware and have good experience[/lang]

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    I think that the traders who do not have the experience to trade Forex . they have to . do not waste time and begin to learn how to trade , they have to imitate any of ther relatives or friends near them of whom do trade in the Forex market . by time they may get some of the experience and become more professional by time they can make profits

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