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    Experiences are the great factor of gaining in forex trade, but sometimes luck also a factor to get profit. After opening an option, we have nothing to do rather than watching the market movement, if market favored us then we can get profit. If we continue this practice and try to watch the market movement on a continuous basis, then I think we can be able to earn some profit from this trade.

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    Trade without difficulty & experience is too dangerous ... Without experience if any trader trading in real inters he Will Be fallen any difficulty problems even May he lose his all balance ... A traders Should practice range first ... When a trader can get perfect knowledge he can enter in real Forex trading InshAlllah ...

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    Experience comes from lots of practice,skill and hard work in any kind of business as well as Forex trading business.Experience is the base of Forex trading and also key to success.So without experience trading in Forex is very harmful because there will be always a chance of making losses.And the trader will never become successful in forex.

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    if you want to become a good trader than you must be a experience in Forex trading business so that we can earn lots of money and profits.....but most of the new comers get excited and lose there focus from trade and lose there if you are experience than these business is good for you all.

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    It is true that trading is not possible without any experience.Every trader must need proper knowledge and experience to trade successfully in the Forex trading.Without experience no trader will earn profit in the business of Forex trading.A trader should try to increase his experience with the passage of time.

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    In the trading business the experience is the very necessary element . Experience is the necessary for the every trader . trading is the very profitable business. without experience we can not do the Forex trading business .if you have experience then you should more trading in the trading system . it si the very nice business.

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    Anybody can place trades without experience but he will not have good result for that action because the place experience can not be under estimated as far as making profits is concerned in forex trading.However, somebody with little experience is better with the one that has no experience at all.We can improve on our experience by being committed to learning and much practice.

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    Sir the things are co-related as we can't gain experience without trading at the same time we can not earn profits without experience so we need to do a lot of practice so for that it is always better to do that over demo account and switch over to real account when you are confident enough of making money in real account and then we will find profits on trading.

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    came with no experiences, at this point , they will get the problem but do not know how to control , avoid or convert it to profit,and some of them just faced some loses and suffer with it, but it is not for permanent, because at the same time, they get the experiences, and if they want to open mind, they will know how to fix and complete the weakness

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    some person understand forexe is the simply and easy business but it is their only concept with out any experience we should be failed we are going into the loss with out experience we should not start forex business other business is also we should give the plane in our mind about out future and abusiness and specially th forex business we should see our capbillity and after it analysis we do this job or not after it we learn the educatiion of forex business

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    how we are run the forex business with out any training o ra experience it s very difficult . iam understand if we start any buiseness we should take the training after it we should strart the business just like forex business with out experience we are faile and go to the loss we make our selves save and sound if you are continue the foerx business with out any experinece we should not start any business if we ive happly we should learn the forex before the start aour business

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