hello friends
i am experienced day trader as i have 5 years experience in the Forex market
in 6/9/2017 which is close i am going to start a (Forex journey)
i am willing to turn 25$ (post bonus) to 1000$
the time of this journey will be 3.5 months ends before 2018 maximum
why i am beginning this journey ?
the last month i tried to make money starting from 20$ account and i turned this amount of money to more than 40$ (100% profits)
with (low risk) and it took me just 48 hours , but in the next 48 hours i lost everything
so i started to think why i do not lower my lots and make it big but slowly
so i decided to walk instead of running and i am going to keep my profits every month limited to 200% which is not difficult to me at all
i am going to use the fundamental analysis
so my chart will only look like that
so i will post my trades here and talk about my strategy to open trades and any questions you gentlemen ask will be asked in less than a day
hope this thread to be a good one