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Thread: How is MT4 for PC/Laptop Different From Mobile Mt4 ?

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    mt4 is totally different in pc or laptop from mobile. in mobile we can't use custom made indicators but in pc or laptop, we have the full control to the terminal to add any custom made indicator. and the indicator are in ex4 format, and you can easily add then into your platform.

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    yes mt4 on laptop is different than mt4 on mobile , first of all you can not use templates on mobile mt4 and also only some indicator that you can use and you can not upload your own indicators on the mt4 and you can not also use advisory expert on mt4 mobile , that is why you really better use mt4 on mobile just in case you can not reach any laptop and it is your only opportunity , other wise you will not analyze the market in the best way and it will really be hard for you to apply your own strategy on trading using mobile on trading
    Well if we cant use any custom made indicators, then it is very good especially for price action traders like me. Because we just want a clear chart and nothing else . We dont need any kind of indicators at all.
    But those who just depends on indicators, then i think if they do mobile trading then cant install their own custom made indicators which is a sad news.

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    The PC version and mobile trading version is different because it using different operating system. If it using same operating system then we will use same version like meta trader that we use in our computer. That also the reason why custom indicator, forex EA and also forex script can't be used when we trade by using our mobile phones.

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    i think that MT4 for PC is far more different than that for mobile...because we can see history and everything in details in MT4 for PC and can make full use of it...but MT4 for mobile is good just for doing trading and only open and close positions....but it is good, because even if we are not near our laptop, still we can see our trades and can do trading...sometimes, even if we are out and we see that our positions are in profit, then mobile MT4 is good for taking profit and closing positions.

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    I for PC users between MT4 and MT4 also for phone each side has its own advantages and disadvantages of each, such as:
    excess personal computer we can enter the costume indicators and various types of Expert Advisors
    shortage of personal computers are not flexible.
    excess MT4 for Phone: simple and flexible in its use kostume shortcomings can not wear indicator or expert advisor.

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    mt4 in a mobile is a kind of limited mt4 like in PC, laptop. In mobile mt4 there are limited indicators and things like trend lines, fibo and other important tools are lacking in mobile mt4. otherwise its is really a very useful tool if you are unable to reach to your pc or laptop. you can check your trade postions and can modify or close your trade if needed.

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    The screen of computer is very wide, you can see many things at the same time and by looking at the signal in seconds. On the contrary to that is mobile, if you are the type that uses glasses it may be difficult some time until you use zooming. You can make trading with computer very faster than the mobile type on this same platform.

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    If you have enough time to spend in front of your computer than there is no need for mobile MT4. The mobile version comes with a limited functionality i.e. we can only open or close positions, set TP and SL and some other but not all the functions that the PC version can do. So my advice would be stick to the PC version.

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    well now a days many new accessories and the PC version and mobile trading version is not different so in this not any different operating system, we can get in this headache to find the indicator that will help in knowing the market direction in mobile mt4 compared to the laptop in mt4 platform.

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    I think this already discussed in other thread in MetaTrader4 trading platform section and it was solved. Anyway, the difference between mobile MT4 and PC are the size of the screen and we can not use custom indicator on our mobile. I think you still can use your price action strategy in mobile platform since the strategy don't require indicators to trade, right?

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