Traders have be able to quickly analyse lots of information and make well-informed decisions under high levels of pressure. Trading can be very profitable, but is also high risk that why we need to have the proper knowledge and information of the trading and make our observation strong of the market now in modern day the trading is a very demanding job that requires a particular skill set, as well as the ability to learn new things quickly and adapt to a constantly changing environment. Before you think about getting the official qualifications and certifications you will need, consider the general skills that a trader must demonstrate.
First thing that we have as a become professional trader we need to recognizing the skills that we need in the trading market these points are very important to recognizing the skills that we need in the trading.

1.Traders will need exceptional analytical skills and an aptitude for working with large amounts of quantitative data.

2.Traders will also need softer skills, such as the ability to communicate well with clients and provide detailed advice on market movements and
3.Traders must have a keen interest in the workings of the market and be able to learn quickly.

4.Traders need very strong personal discipline and motivation. You will have to make split second decisions without emotion, based on your analysis.
Spend some time researching and learning about trading, how markets work, and what the daily working life of a trader involves, before you commit to a course of education and training. A trader’s day will involve analysing the market, and providing detailed market reports to clients or colleagues.

we become an independent trader, trading with our own or a client’s money. If we are thinking of doing this, ensure that we are not committing money that we cannot afford to lose. It is estimated that around 90% of day traders lose money, so we shouldn’t be thinking of trading as a way to make a quick buck to get out of a job you hate


Before we start the trading on the forex market we need to have the properly paper work and keep these points in mind

1. Understanding the markets is essential to any trader. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the market, including all the
2. we need to learn about the different securities about the broker and assets that you are interested in trading.

To become a better trader we Acquire sufficient capital in the market because it is our back bone in the market and we will become the better trader if we have some money in the trading because it helps us to stay more in the market and also we trade with big lot size we will need will need significant capital to get you going. No traders constantly turn a profit, so there will be inevitable losses that you need to be able to cope with. The amount of capital you need will depend entirely on the type of trading you want to do, and how much trading you want to do.

own strategy vital that we spend time coming up with at least two different trading strategies that we can then apply. we should never rush into a market, but have a well-worked out plan that you can implement. This should include information on how you will enter and exit the market, what kind of capital we will invest, the frequency of trades and the value of the trades
1. Markets can be highly volatile. A clear plan is vital, but so is the ability to read situations and adapt to circumstances quickly.
2. If a strategy stops working, we need to be ready to adapt it or drop it. Having multiple strategies that we can use support each other is helpful.
To become trader is very difficult task because the market is high risky business so that's why we have be careful when we start the trading and have be know the merits and dis merits of the trading and when we start the trading we need to know that it is long term business so that's why we as a trader make longer time planing and try to earn step by step and improve our trading skills and keep these points that mention above help us to become the good trader of the market.