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Thread: The best trend indicator

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    The best trend indicator

    I want to share a best trend indicator which is tell us daily market trend with arrow. This is basically a pivot point indicator which tell us daily pivot point and support and resistance levels of market. Its a pro scanner system of trend of market in different ways. Its find the market trend with help of 7 indicators which are complete this templates. These all indicators are best for find the trend of market. The double arrow system is make this system very best. This show us first trend of market. If bullish then show up green arrow and if bearish then down red arrow and if market is move flat then see nothing on chart. If market main trend is up and green arrow is show then we need confirmation the second green arrow which is appear on price candle below. If this arrow is appear then its a really good opportunity for us to buy that pair to its three resistance. If price is close above first resistance then we need wait for second resistance and then third resistance. If market is close below resistance then close the trade. The same procedure is on bearish trend when the main trend is bearish and a red arrow is appear above of market price candle then short that pair and our profit is support 1 , 2 or 3rd support and market.We also can use the pivot point to open and close our trading order with help of support and resistance level of market.

    So we discuses about it now

    1 ) Analysis Trend

    Green Arrow: When Green arrow show up sign its means bullish trend.

    Red Arrow: When red arrow appear its means bearish trend on market.

    When analysis trend: ----- : means No trend on market or flat market.

    2) Analysis market movement. Its show us the average movement of market, Its calculate the average movement of market price from previous 10 days.

    3) When green arrow shows on chart its means buy signal and when red arrow is show on price chart its means sell signal. These arrow shows on chart above or below the price candle.

    4) Pivot point, Support 1, 2, 3, and resistance 1, 2, 3. These are automatically update everyday.

    5) Forex Pro filter , which show us overbought and oversold condition of market.

    6)Find price movement of market bullish or bearish.

    You can use it any forex pair but its work good with currency pair Eurusd, aususd, ushchf, usdcad, gbpusd.

    We can use it any pair with any time frame to find its trend in any time frame easily.

    A. Buy Rules: All buy/long trade rules must be met at the bar with green arrow or one after! If everything is not met at the signal bar or one after PRO filter remains trading below 0.15 level), just don't trade that setup!  BUY ARROW: Buy signal “green arrow” appears on the chart . PRO TREND: Green (bullish trend)

    B. Sell Rules: All sell/short trade rules must be met at the bar with red arrow or one after! If everything is not met at the signal bar or one after, just don't trade!  SELL ARROW: Sell signal “red arrow” appears on the chart.  PRO TREND: Red (bearish trend)  PRO FILTER: Filter line must cross the 0.75 from above and head back below 0.75

    This is so easy trading system in which we can easily find the market trend with help of this system. First we need to see the market trend analysis signal then see the market pivot with support and resistance levels. Forex pro filter is tell us when market is oversold and when its overbought. These all things help us to make a strong trend signal in which our profit is make confirm and easy for us. We can easily enter into a trade for earning good and big easily. This is scan the totally trend of market with all of these 6 tolls of trend finds. We can place our order with help of support and resistance or pivot point or arrow based trend signal. This is best trend finding indicator which help us earn easily every day. These all levels are update every day with the market movement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mao View Post
    Forex is a business in which any thing is possible and to earn profit from this business is not easy for traders. The best trend indicator is that which is help traders to understand the market trend well and if traders want to make money from forex they must use this type of best trend indicator that are help them to make every day profit on this business.
    Yes, this indicator always help the to understand market trend well however trader have easily build strong strategy and easily earn good profit from trend line strategy. It good choice for trader to get success in this business because with the help of this indicator trader have easily understand market trend well and build strong or profitable strategy for our trading business.

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    This is a good strategy to use, but one thing I understand with very indicator is that trader that would use it have to set time aside to practice and get used to the indicator for long time so as to be able to use such strategy effectively, I have used this strategy for some time but I still need more practice to get best use of it.

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