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Thread: Leverage in aggressive and conservative trading

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    Leverage is what makes forex trading juicy to retail forex traders like you and I , without this leverage being offered by online forex brokers , people like you and I cannot move near forex trading . On the other hand , leverage is what makes forex trading risky . There would not have been too much risk in forex trading without a leverage , as a matter of fact , leverage is like a sword having two sides . If you choose bigger leverage , you tend to borrow more from the broker with the intention of having little amount of money controlling bigger volume of trades and this can really work against trader if the risks of trading are not well and properly managed

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    Quote Originally Posted by altafch View Post
    investment not matter if we have small one still we can trade on it still we can trade with small lot size so with big capital we can use big lots, so its not issue, the main issue is our learning our learning process. its just possible if we have done good practice, if we have not done practice we can lose just. so capital not matter here for earning our experience matter it should be strong enough then we can earn well
    Investment is a nature purpose of this business so it can be different among traders to have. Of course it's not really matter because we're focusing our efforts to learn and build a trading system to help us analyze market and give us what we want to know about market through patterns, indicators, and anything we can use as trading ideas.
    rules made to be followed, not to be broken

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    During a trending market condition, you can likewise search at a pullback where cost activity is veering from the Momentum indicator. A uniqueness exchange arrangement that is lined up with the general trend is probably going to give a higher achievement rate, than evading a solid trend and attempting to pick a top or base. While endeavoring a counter-trend exchange with force disparity, you should have extra proof that a trend reversal is likely.

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