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    Yes, it is true that market opens 24/5 but that does not mean that the market will be active throughout . There is need for you to study the market active hours, I mean the time the market enjoys much liquidity and volatility because there is always plenty of opportunity during those periods and you can easily position yourself to take advantage of high probability trade. As far as I am concerned , I love to trade during the London and New York sessions because there are lot of trading activities during those market sessions
    Although market opens for 24/5 in full hours, the economic rise and falls are always running all the time even in holidays. We often see market created gaps during open market or after holidays like we all currently experience in this week. Market won't be online and we can't be traded for a while. But that doesn't mean all economic activities are stopping. Since forex market creates only numbers of data, it will release later after market re open again after new years holiday.
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    This is a good knowledge for new trader because on our trading these session play a vital role everyone experience every session have different pressure sometime in uptrend we see market drop it is because of opening a new session so as a trader we need to remember them and use in own trading that will be useful and profitable as well .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfs2012 View Post
    Personally I do not care about the Trading Sessions The opportunities are available at any time especially since I am a swing trader
    * You will never be interested in the idea of sessions and I think its importance can be related to Scalping traders only
    Being a swing trader does not make market trading sessions irrelevant sir , I am a swing trader too and I need to tell you that you still need to know when market is most active time so as to look for good entry point though you are not looking to exit your trades few hours after that . Even long term traders who still stay much longer on trades in the market can not disregard the importance of market trading sessions because they know how important they are to traders. We need to know this and make good use of it , that is just my own little cent of advice .

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    there are various trading sessions in the forex market and each of this trading sessions have their advantages and disadvantages especially in terms of market volatility, usually the London and New York sessions are the most volatile and the time they intersect can be a great point for trading strategies that requires high market volatility while the Tokyo and Sydney sessions seem to have a relatively mild volatility level and this makes them safer for most scalping strategies.

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    Actually at first i used to trade on the American session in new york but after the great failure for the USD do prove its power in front of the other currencies it is very weak now , as a result I do not trade any of the usd pairs whatever so that these days i do admire trading the European sessions it may remarked by the good movements

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    It is good to know different market sessions that we have in forex market though forex is a decentralized market unlike any other financial market that has a central location of trading . Majorly , we have Asian session , London session and New York session in forex trading and there are currencies that move very well in each of these market session and a trader would do himself a lot of favor to know this . I prefer trading in both the London and New York market sessions because that is when market volatility becomes so high

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