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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen-of-the-coastFX View Post
    yes it is possible but it will take some time. I have personally seen the reason why a lot of traders do loss their money so I am here trying to make sure I fix it. We are quite more wired to making money than learning. But our mentors don't focus on making just money, they are all about locating the good trading opportunity.Thus if we earn and try to be like them, then maybe we can be more than them.
    Thanks so much brother, trader should be trying to locate good opportunity to place a profitable and winning trade , it is not that we rush for gain and making profit all time but time set aside to seek for good trading opportunity would cause trader to eventually laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORACLE OF GOD View Post
    i think that if every new trader can brace up and take the bull by the horn and face the challenges of the forex market, then most of the early loss recorded in the forex market can be avoided, many new traders do quit the forex market early because they found it very difficult to deal with so many issues in the market at the early stage and when they can no longer understand the market, they quit which to me is not a good way to make success in the forex market, forex market is full of different challenges and anyone who want to be successful must be ready to work.
    Exactly, we have to take the bull by the horn, there is no one born a trader but were made through constant practice and learning and hence we can all be a good trader in the process of learning, thanks so much for this your contribution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by famousfx View Post
    can a trader be greater than his Mentor?[/SIZE]
    Can a trader be greater than his Mentor? Yes of course, this is not an impossibility and sometimes happens in life around us not only in forex trading, for example Bruce Lee can be bigger than Ip Man his teacher. Hard work does not lie to a result, but we cannot see only from hard work, because this is forex trading, we need a smart work too, how we become more qualified with our creativity and ideas in our trade so we can be bigger than our mentors .

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