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Thread: Start from small Lot's morelot's add later

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    Start from small Lot's morelot's add later

    This is kind of pure wisdom which is come from trading experience that it is safer to start your position gradually for a while with small lot first then gradually begin to increase you lot size as you balance increase like you make trade with .1 lot it is in you favor about 30 pip then you add .1 lot more so in this way you safe and make perfect trade for your investment .this is the real way to increase your account wisely .

    What is your finding about this share with us ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixteen View Post
    Nothing is bad on starting small infact it's going to see that our capital is truly protected at the very right price we want. Good means of managing our capital will help us to grow and its the way we can deal with loss properly. Small lot size can be a good protective way we can trade and be hopeful to come come with something tangible in forex. It's high time we manage our investment rightly and do see we have good patient to grow slow and steady in forex.
    It is the best thing to be done, we ought to be able to master the use of little risks first. When we have mastered the use of little risks first, then we can even increase the risk and then be more confident on how we trade, using little risk is what that got to save my trading account so many times, in the sense that it made me to know what to be done and then what shouldn't be done. Trading the forex market with little risks helps a trader be able to manage their risks and make them a patient trader.

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