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    Use the free vps provided by Roboforex, or you may try vps24hour or Zomro. Reasonable price with no down time.
    Thanks for the advice, these are really handy vps.

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    Sep 2021
    The initial setup of a VPS is a series of template actions. You can do it yourself, without involving IT specialists.The first step is to change the root password. Enter the password command, which will prompt for a new password. To make sure it works, close the SSH connection (exit) and reconnect. Other initial settings will include: Changing the time zone: Creаting, a new user. You are upgrading the kernel. Reassigning Root rights - but not about that now. Before you configure the basic settings, you need to protect thefrom hacking as much as possible. To do this, change the default port and install a firewall.
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