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Thread: A good VPS service

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    With what i have read on this, it means that the provider of your VPS is not good enough for you, there is no sleeping for robots because that is the exact reason why they were created., I will advice you to be using the VPS service that the broker you are using is providing for you, this is the best way out for you.

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    Are you trading with the vps of a company or the commercial vps, because the vps of the company will not be like this, if it happened to be like this they should compensate you if they are the one at fault, you have to check your setting on this too , it may be that the fault is from you and you do not know why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mido0o View Post
    Hello every one,
    I'm now using a VPS service to upload my EAs to trade a 24 hours per day but I monitored that the server is shutdown many times and when I try to log in via remote desktop connection I get a message that means the computer was sleeping and this cause the experts to stop working.

    so do you know how I can let the computer never sleep?
    and in case of bad hosting service do any one know another good service to use it?
    I don't know about any other service from other company but I'm using VPS which I bought from someone in my local forum. It cost around $9 per month and I like their service since it rarely shutdown or restarted. You will need to find service like that because when we run an EA then it must stay online 24 hours per day. If not then it make the EA can't run properly or it may make our forex account loss.

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    I was using the free VPS from Amazon. It is not actually free. They charged me some cents per month, but it was OK. Now, after the expiration of my credit card, the VPS is no longer active. It was slow (no more than 3-4 mt4 account running at the same time), but it is fine for testing an EAs and tuning them any time, from any machine with internet.

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    There are many company in online who are providing the vps service . As if there are many free provider have . but their service will not good at all for being that free . If any one use that it can be make huge lose when the vps network will not available and the provider are not responsible for give you it free . if that is premium , their service will be better . Many brokers provide this service . Roboforex one of them . i hope , you will get good service if you use them .

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    I have never used this service but as it is available on Robo Forex for free then why should we go any where and it is available for free so if any one wants to avail that service he should go with non other than Robo Forex but it is always better to learn and trade manually keeping longer perspective as this is a life time business.

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    Yeah VPS service is a very good choice for automatic trading system and I think many brokers provide that type of service for free but I heard from many peoples that broker's VPS service is not much safe so we have to choose other service that charge money from us I have not exact idea about that so please take right decision I am a manual trader so don't have much knowledge of automatic trading system

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    You can solve this by setup to your oparating system.

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    VPS service is very good for those trader who like to use EA's in their trading but I never prefer trading automatic software for anybody then can make us poor in forex but if you have a very good robot for trading then you can use Robo Forex broker free VPS service I think they are not charging anything from a trader for VPS service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topman View Post
    Lol, for having good VPS service then you can try to use broker's VPS service. Thus VPS are realiable and they have large bandwith so the problem for cut connections is very less here. After all, you mustn't only judge from the service charge (cheap) but you need to know how much bandwith it is offered.
    is it free ? and how much minimal capital in balance to get free VPS ? please share you experiences and it is very important for them who need VPS for trading forex

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